August 29, 2007

make haste!

Tags reply.
Zhengyee : Hi! Btw, i don't take Biology. And what's up with you and kicking balls? LOL!
Juihao : Actually, i wanted to make the tagboard bigger.. But the skin doesn't allow me to do so..
Jiemin : But, it's so embarrassing to see other people ride it except me.. Kinda like outcast.. I did try to learn cycling with my friends, but with many failed attempts.. =.=
Chungaik : Yes! So clever!

Woke up at 5am today. Damn early please! Bathed and ate breakfast. Still left like 20 minutes till the bus comes, so i played my Playstation! xD

After that, went down only to see that the bus just arrived. I ran like mad otherwise i would have to wait for another 5-10 minutes before the next bus arrives. At least i reached school in time. Omg, imagine having stress just coming to school alone..

Had a swift flag raising ceremony and went up to class to take my D&T materials. Finally finished my catapult. But somehow, it acts like a slingshot instead of a catapult. It doesn't shoot high, but it shoots low. Mr Kwan is using my catapult to whack students. It kinda hurts when struck on the head. Did it to Chengjun once, and he got angry! Sorry! =P

Had PE. The basketball court was fully filled with 3F students. In the end, me and Beng Shiang played together, after a while, Dennis and me played. Kinda boring though, i really need an experienced badminton player to play with so that i can hone my skills at the same time..

Had English in GMC. Did a so-called test. It consists of a cloze passage and a summary. It doesn't really seem as a proper test though. Well, i just did it anyway..

Recess was next. Nothing much though, played Medal Of Honor in Danial's PSP.

Chinese was next. I was surprised to see Donny and Yongyang in the class! They kept on disturbing the teacher like hell. I don't know what's up with the teacher man. He kept on praising me, damn embarrassing! I was red like tomato!

Had Maths. Dang normal. Period.

English was next. Did a random composition created by Mr Ng. He said that the most creative script will be awarded something and 6 merit points. Well, i do not exactly think that he honor his words. There was a time where he said that he will award me, Jasper and Jiemin something for getting the tops in class. Maybe he got STM? Just did it anyway..

Had Chemistry re-test today. Man, Mr Tiah was humorous lol. He kept on disturbing all those who did not study. Especially Syed LOL! Kept on saying that Syed will retain and stuff. LOL. Anyway, finished the paper in time and rushed to the library for the CLB oral and LC.

Did the LC first and then oral second. Went home after that..


I'm going to buy a Blue or Orange Crumpler bag on the first day of the holiday, since they are my favorite colors. As well as to buy a birthday gift for someone. LOL. Man, buying birthday gifts is so darn stressing, especially if you don't know that person too well. *sigh*

Anyway, that's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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