August 8, 2007

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Jonathan; Hello. I'm not going to give away my Asiasoft passport. I'm still playing games under the Asiasoft company, like Audition etc. Likewise, i still got my DK in it which i do not intend to give away. Hope you can understand! xD
Jiemin; Yeah, damn dangerous LOL. Later accidentally say bad thing about them, then come give us black face. LMAO, joking.. Teachers, please don't punish us!
Shunhui; LMAO. Private blog? WTH? Might as well go write a journal.. Don't know, just love pointing at you..
Chungaik; LOL big deal. Btw, it's a saw not a knife. If it's a knife, Mr Kung would have screamed..

Sorry for not blogging yesterday eh. Was busy polishing my boots and admiring my uniform. Haha!

Heh, today hella rawks man.
The marching was successful throughout! God knows why i like marching so much, the others didn't like it that much though. I guess i'm the odd one out. There was one thing in Scouts i have not accomplish, being the NDP's Guard of Honor. Actually, we are supposed to be the G.O.H for this year's. But the lack of contingent marchers denied us of the participation of G.O.H. Like WTF..

Anyway, the concert was so-so. We didn't do much Kallang Waves like last year. PLC 05/06 wasn't as enthusiastic as before. It doesn't mean that you are Ventures, you do not belong to Dragon Scouts. That's hella loads of fuck crap. But still, i did enjoyed myself at the concert.

My bond and friendship still remains in PLC 05/06. It's really hard to transfer the feelings and bond to another PLC. I guess this is reason why i don't have the interest of attending PLC now..


I'll be visiting my father tomorrow in Malaysia. My cousins told me that he already grew white hair and have a hunchback. Man, why must life be so unfair.

But still, it's hard meeting up with him after 5 long years of not seeing him. He left me when i was P5. The feeling for my father has vanished for the past 5 years, all memories of him was deemed as void.. Still, he's my father. I had better take some photos otherwise all memories of him, will be forgotten.

I love you, Dad.. Please live long, at least till i graduate.. I know your life has been full of suffering and stuff.. God, please bless him..


That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

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