August 31, 2007

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Amanda : I guess it's Dickson's blog. Well, you were pretty easy to find though. xD
Zhengyee : Omg, true arh? If that's the case, LOL!
Shuting : That would be like decades LOL! I still don't understand most of the tutorials..
Jiemin : Woah, badminton racket as steely? Badminton racket got so sharp one arh? Can pierce one LMAO!


I enjoyed the performances and the class theme parade.

I didn't enjoy the dedication cards in making and writing.
But still, i want to thank all these wonderful guys,
Mengci, Lingling, Jiemin, Calvin, Hock Zheng, Kenneth, Shan Yang, Kai Jie, Boon Keat and Swee Hong for helping out in folding the origami and writing dedications.
(If your name isn't here, maybe i didn't saw you doing it or i was busy. Sorry!)
If weren't for you guys, Swee Hong would be in deep shit then.
And yeah, once again. Thanks!
*If i had money, maybe i'll buy some chocolate bars to reward you. xD

I did not go back to my Primary school for a few reasons.
1) I got retained
2) Not much friends
3) I don't really like schools that change their name but the feeling of the old name is there.
4) And lastly, 3/4 of my favorite teachers retired. So really no point.
5) Don't have much unity with my P6 class.

A few thank you(s) again!
I wanna thank..
..Miss Pang for being our wonderful form coach! Rock ya!

..Miss Wong for being our buddy form! Rock ya too!

..Mr Ng for the English and enduring our class' disobedience!

..Mr Tiah for the humorous and fun Chemistry lessons! Good luck to you!

..Miss Chee for enduring our class' behavior and still continued to teach! Thanks for the chocolates and good luck to you too!

..Miss Foo for the History and Social Studies lessons!

..Mr Kwan for the slacking but hardworking D&T lessons!

..Mr Teo for letting us play badminton and basketball for all lessons!

..the Chinese teacher whom i think is Mr Guan, for praising me in Chinese lessons although i don't take Chinese! And please, don't get carried away by haunted visualizers! xD

and finally..

..Mr KUNG for the awesome Maths lessons! If weren't for you at all, my Maths would not have improved until this extent! I know that 3C and 3D loves you a lot! Sooo.. Rock on! \m_ _m/

And good luck to Mr Tiah and Miss Chee, hope you guys will teach us again! (NOT!)

Okay, that's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!


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