September 1, 2007

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Justin : Please don't die, otherwise i would be recognized as a murderer. xD
Boonkeat : You are very excited to go chalet right? LOL.
Chungaik : I stated at my post already. If i saw the people doing it, i will appreciate their effort.
Kimberly : You hawt? *sarcastic laughter*
Kimberly : God-siblings forever!
Justin : How's your day with your sex partner. JOKING!
Jiemin : LOL, okok enough with the rackets. o.O And thanks again, for helping out. Appreciated it.

I finally bought my BLUE Crumpler!
(You should know what's the color already. xDD)
Unfortunately, i did not take any picture of it.
Too busy admiring it i guess xD

Really doing nothing much today though.
Before i went out, i played this awesome game called Chrono Cross in my Playstation.
All credits goes to Chungaik for loaning me this soon-to-be-extinct game.
Yes i know, it's nothing compared to the Next-Gen RPG games in PS3 or Xbox360.
But, i love classics <3

As for today, the day's pretty warm in the afternoon.
Even though it rained.


Somehow, i got this gut feeling that something bad is gonna happen during one of the days in September.
It's really strong though, i can feel as if it's got something to do with friendship.
I wished that it never happened..
Be it either the chalet, the study camp, the campfire, or my last 2 holidays.
I'm racking my brains on this shit!

But still, it's better to enjoy than suffer all this crap.

Well, just a short update for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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