September 14, 2007

Hi everyone! I'm going to post again, but this time, it would require your understanding and outlook of life.

Well, during the whole afternoon, I've been reading past archives either from my friends' blogs or other people's blogs. This was one of the things I do when I get bored. Suddenly, one question came into my mind.

"Is Life meant to be hated, or carried on".

And please, to all you guys out there who would call this an emo post, it ain't one at all. It's merely just a reflection of one's life.

1. Is Life meant to be hated....

So yeah, I seen people who stated, "I want to die" in their posts. To me, Death isn't really a complete solution. It's more of stupidity. We all know, we don't live forever. Death is around us, and so there isn't a way to escape Death. But still, live life to the fullest. We all have one life. Just think, why in the hell would Death be the best solution to end all miseries and hatred? Think of your parents, your friends and the people around you. When you die, your parents are the ones who will be in grief, likewise for friends.

2. ....or carried on.
Why hate Life? Life is what makes you where are now. But Life isn't to be taken for granted. Yes, you can enjoy Life to the fullest, before that, education comes first. If weren't for education, you wouldn't be able to speak, or even pee in the toilet bowl properly. I just don't know why people want to make their Life even more worse. For example, smoking cigarettes for what? Pleasure? Fun? Cool? It just makes your lungs get blacker and in the long run, you'll have fitness difficulties. I tried making friends, my friends, to stop smoking. They just don't listen. WHY?

Life or Death.

You choose.

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