September 9, 2007

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Rachel : Hey Rach. You didn't have to use caps ain't it. I'll send you the file, don't worry. *IN MY PANTS*. LMAO AT THAT MAN.
Boon Keat : LOL
Jiemin : SLEEP LARH! But tomorrow open school, i also very sian. =O *yawns*

Heh heh heh.
What makes you all think i'll just end my blogging with a post full of nooby screamings. No way!

Well, school's in tomorrow and i guess everyone isn't excited. Guess what, i'm excited. No idea though, maybe i can meet up with my friends and chat up with them about the holidays, especially the chalet! See? School isn't that bad you know. =P

But yeah, there's always something to be hated in school. Be it class havoc or some cold war with friends. Believe me, don't let this kind of crap be an obstacle of you moving forward, it'll just make you worse. Find solutions! Consult a teacher after school or something! Teachers exist for a reason. They help students with their work and definitely hope that he/she moves on to the next level.

Lamenting on the past mishaps and ruckus, i feel that the class done too many bad things to the teachers. I, too, as a vice-team captain, feel that i did not do much as one. On the other hand, Danial done way more extreme stuffs than me. Although you guys may hate him for some apparent reason, i find him the most endured team captain in Sec 3. You can compare him to other captains, even 3A/3B is having is good time. Cleanliness, tidiness, environment and attitude, we fail all.

As one teacher told me, "the class is gonna have half of it retained". Don't bother asking who it is. Don't be shocked if you see this statement. If you are shocked, it means you are gonna be retained. If you are scared, you better do some fucking revision this two weeks. Or else, you are gonna fucking regret this for the rest of your life. I've already experienced it, the feeling really sucks. My former Physics teacher, Mrs Lin, cried on my shoulders upon hearing about my retaining status. Don't you hate it when a teacher cries..

..Time is so short
..every seconds of it counts
..let's enjoy it to fullest
..but for now
..we endure all the hard-knockings

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