September 6, 2007

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Derrick : Haha! I didn't want to ram you LOL. Anyway, Jiemin rammed you at the back! And that's where all the fun started.. o.O
Jiemin : At least you have a taste of what BK kena last time from me and Derrick!
Derrick : You are praising YOURSELF! Boooo..
Kimberly : OMG YAY! I knew that you can do it! And thanks! You'll always have my support, sis!
Rachel : WTF!?
Shuting : Stupid laughing hyena. =D
Justin : Sure thing! As long as i don't hurt my ankle again.. Hurt it twice already.. And thanks for tagging! =D
Rachel : Yeah, i'm prepared! Let's do Skype!

Today's the last day of the Study Camp!

I reached school too early i guess! When i arrived at school, i only saw Swee Hong sitting outside the general office. More people came and i was wondering whether the lessons will be held at the AVA room or the classrooms! I SMS-ed Miss Pang and she suddenly appeared outside the AVA room. It's obvious that we are supposed to go inside the AVA room. LOL.

Had a 1hr 30 minutes Maths lesson in the room. It wasn't really a lesson though, it was rather a revision practice. We were supposed to do 4 questions all based on graphs which is currently my favorite topic in Maths now. I managed to finish 3 questions and half-done question 4 which i already finished after the Maths lesson. Then Mr Kung gave us kites for us to play around during the outing in West Coast Park. OMG, thank you very much, Mr Kung! You rock!

After Mr Kung left, Ms Tay immediately went in. Yeah, her usual cheery manner and her enthusiasm. Before we started the Physics lesson, we played the drunk BK video in Jiemin's blog to show to the rest of the class! Once again, we LMAO-ed at the video and Mun Tat was at there laughing like some mother fucker! I tried to stop Boon Keat from canceling the video! Haha, it's truly pure fun!

Another 1hr 30 minutes of lesson. Well, i pretty much enjoyed myself during the Physics lesson. It was truly a Study Camp! We ate while we listened to Ms Tay and did some questions on the board and so. Yeah, there were lots of sabotaging here and there! Well, what can we do! The class is so damn small! There were like only 10 people in the room.. Anyway, after the lesson, we cleared up our "playground" and changed into nicer clothes for the outing!

During the bus trip to the West Coast Park, i suddenly asked a question whether if anyone is holding on to the kites! Nobody! I panicked but Danial sacrificed himself to get the kites for us. Thanks man! I had a guilty conscience since Mr Kung entrusted the kites to me. Sorry guys : (

Ate at the West Coast hawker center. I bought Wonton noodles that Boon Keat recommended me! It was uber tasty and HOT! Bought Sugar Cane drink after that to quench up the heat in me. I still panicked since Danial had not come back from the school yet. Miss Pang kept on telling me that it's not my fault! Thanks Miss Pang, but it's mainly my fault yes. Anyway, when he came, i said a word of thanks to him and everything's settled!

We walked to the West Coast Park. Carrying all the stuffs and so. I walked with Kaiz and Mun Tat. Talked crap and much. When we reached there, we put our bags down and start to fly the kites! But me and Mun Tat played the PSP on a bench. Suddenly, some policemen and a park ranger came up to us and said that he needed our ICs. I was shocked though, me and Mun Tat thought that we were criminals or something. Then they said it's just for some duty or something. But i still feel that something's fishy.. They even asked for Syed and Siraj's ICs..

When it started to rain, we went into the MacDonald restaurant to seek shelter. Me and Mun Tat wanted to take care of the bags so that the teachers and Danial could enjoy themselves, while me and Mun Tat enjoy our type of fun, PSP! Kaiz was feeling sick, Jiemin was bored and Chungaik, i don't know what, all stayed in the restaurant. After Mun Tat's PSP battery was dead, i started to get bored. Kaiz was feeling okay, so we started playing DJ Max on the PSP which i borrowed from Danial. Talked with Jiemin too and in the end, all of us killed our boredom. Then we heard that Miss Wong got a secret admirer! LOL.

After Miss Pang and the rest came back, we started to eat our dinner. BIG MAC! It's been so long since i last ate Big Mac. And our tray was infested with fries from the "sponsors", Chungaik and Jiemin. Me and Mun Tat had to eat it all up.. Oh well.. Drank some of the sparkling drink that Danial brought. The peach flavoured was awesome but the raspberry tasted like strawberry medicine..

We went into the playgrounds for a photo taking. We went up to the nets and took a picture together! A day never to be forgotten! After that, we listened to Asha's guitar performance and yeah, he plays the guitar damn well! Soon after, we said good byes to each other. We went our separate ways and got together again at one junction! LOL. But this time, we really split up.

Went home with Asha, Syed, Hock Zheng and Chungaik since they are all taking the same bus. During the bus ride, we saw a couple, the man was on the woman's lap! OMG, can you believe that? Shouldn't it be the other way around?! After that, me and Chungaik dropped at the school opposite bus stop and we bid farewell. Went home soon after.

What a memorable day!
Thanks to Miss Pang and Miss Wong for making this wonderful camp for us! We really enjoyed it! Thanks to Mr Kung for the kites and Ms Tay for the Physics lesson! Once again, thanks!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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