September 21, 2007

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Jiemin : Yeah, today was fun! xD
Rachel : Haha, great minds think alike!
Chungaik : Yes, you should! LOL!
Jiemin : Haha, that Danial would rather go to you than Miss Mah! LOL.
Kimberly : Support the anti-anonymous taggers campaign! LOL.

Just gonna summarize all the things that happened today, cause' i got hell lotsa pictures to uploads!

Today's PE was awesome. Mr Teo chosen some players to train up a bit for the softball. I bat the ball quite far LOL. Then that Derrick tripped me somehow! I'm like, "WALAO! KNNCBC LAH!". But anyway, i did 5 runs and owned them! Me and Chungaik had 5 runs too! Hi 5 man!

Today's D&T was alright. The teacher didn't have a mood to teach since the class is so slack. Me, Danial and Mun Tat slacked throughout the whole lesson. Slacker's club FTW!

After that, went to meet the others who are going to Queensway to collect the jerseys! In the end, Jiemin, Mengci, Chungaik and me went there instead. Me and Chungaik volunteered to help hold the girls' books since they looked so poor thing! Awww. Me and Chungaik gentleman siaaaa.

Took 195 and took a U-turn around the GIIS (Global Indian International School!). And then headed for the mall. Before Boon Keat and Derrick came, we went to collect the jerseys! It was nicely printed and cool! After that, went to Mac and waited for them. Derrick seems a bit uptight these days.. but he bought a new bag! ...and it looked awesome!

We ate lunch at Mac and after that, went outside only to find that Derrick got so-called kidnapped by this celebrity named En Lai. LOL, we zhao and ps him LOL! Then Derrick came to us and hit us one by one to find out who took his picture! LOLOLOLOL.

Boon Keat brought me to his house to take a bath and etc. After that went to Hans to have a study group.

Enough of the words, time for the pictures to do the talking!
(Some pictures are sneak pics, blurred pics and perfect pics!)

CHUNGAIK! Who is sitting in the middle of everyone! Like boss lol.

BOON KEAT! His freaking cap larh...

MENGCI AND JIEMIN! Lol, so hardworking..

DERRICK! But i took his arm.. o.O

Hardworking people LOL. (But not Jiemin! Everytime use laptop lol..)

Jiemin's laptop. Kena stuck to her like super glue.. =.=

After that, we all went to some riverside or something and there's a mid-autumn festival happening there! Some pictures!

My phone really sucks at night. x.x


This was a nice pic. But Derrick's hand ruined it. It looked like stars in the sky. =D

Probably the shiniest of them all.

Group pic! (My flash ruined it.)

After that, Jiemin went home, then the rest of us continued to explore!

Cool restaurant!


Emo pic 1

Emo pic 2

After that, we went home..

I walked a lonely road.. of meowing cats. xD

Took a pic of the jersey!

Some random pictures!




Kenneth and MLH!



Maths CA2 results! Only me and Danial viewed it. Take a look and remember to sign the list next week!

Finally! A video to end it all..
Some toy dancing.. -.-

Today's hella fun!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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