September 7, 2007

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Kimberly : Yes, you shouldn't. Hey, if only i was with you guys, i would've bashed that arse up to bits.
Rachel : Hey girl. You gotta relax! This kind of guy isn't worth dwelling over with. C'mon, pull yourself together! You gotta fight back! Cheer up. ^^
Boon Keat : It's very obvious already! But, i'm fatter than Derrick. xD
Juihao : LOL. In what my is blog busy? The camps? Oh ya..
Kimberly : Haha, i seen your 10 year old picture. You were like.. okay? It's just chubby and all..
Derrick : YO! Fatty, lol.
Kimberly : Busy playing games huh!
Justin : You sounded as if you wanna be my fitness consultant or something. Anyway, wanna be one? I won't pay you, HAHA!
Jiemin : Break arm and leg i guess. xD
Gary : Hi Garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!
Jiemin : Ya lah. Yesterday all sit down like so silent..
Justin : WOW! Justin! I didn't know that you were that CRUEL!


Hi guys! Just came back from Parkway Parade. Went there just to help my mum! Ain't i sweet? (LMAOROFLLOLOLOLOLOMFG!)

Anyway, nothing much happened though. Just happened to bump into one of my Primary school friends whom i remembered, but they don't remember me. Oh well, our facial expressions changes from time to time right?

As for the afternoon, i was busy playing Chrono Cross on my Playstation. I haven't reached Disc 2 yet, but i'm sure i'm going to finish the game by this Sunday. RPG-gamers, a way to go!

As you all know, the final term examinations are coming soon. REAL SOON. And it's even more crucial for me to promote to Sec 4. If i retained again in Sec 3, my mum told me to just quit school and work for her. Well, that's not gonna happen! From next week onwards, i'm gonna mug like a mother fucker and pass at least 4 subjects including English!

I will be staying in school everyday i suppose till 5-6pm, in the library, if not then in the study areas in the school. And yes, this is for real. Ain't gonna be another chit-chat session or what. Anyone interested, you can just SMS me and i'll tell you my whereabouts in school. Will be glad to welcome you.

Time is definitely not on my side now since there's only 2 more weeks left to exams. I just hope to i'll make it to Sec 4, not barely but guaranteed. I hope that all my friends would go to Sec 4 together. The bad ones, i don't really care but if you change for the better. Good for you.

Well, that's all for today.

Till then.
I will be blogging back after the exams.

One more thing.

A message to Rachel,
Hey girl, please don't be distracted by that asshole. Just concentrate on your studies! No use cursing him or whatever. Please be safe with Kimberly all times. She had a change of attitude ever since that time.. Oh well, she's much fiercer now and yeah, she can protect you like her own younger sister. I hope this message comforts you as much as it does to me. Good luck for your exams!



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