September 29, 2007

Good evening!
Been mugging Maths like no tomorrow.
Managed to absorb some formulas into my brain!
Especially the Algebra topics and that dreaded simultaneous equations..
I've no problem with Geometry, already tested it out this afternoon and i know like 90% of the questions..
So what's left?
I'm gonna own you, like mad.. No, no.. Like HELL.
So, the whole afternoon for me have been nothing but Maths, Maths and more Maths! I'm a bit crazy, but that's good right? The more crazy, the better. It's been so long since i ever mug this mad. Well, about Science, just gotta put some juice into it too. Maybe tomorrow?

After studying, i've been blasting Techno songs in my room, at max bass! Wonder if i have disturb anyone below my home. Haha, who cares. My music are nice anyway. xD

Been listening to more Japanese songs, but i kinda prefer Korean songs. Got inspired by Korean songs during the time when i played Audition. Songs from Baby VOX, Lexy etc are very nice. Kinda missed Audition but i don't know what's stopping me. Maybe because of the company, Asiasoft? It took me ages to master 8k and Chance, i guess it would not make any difference anyway.. Maybe i should put some Japanese/Korean songs in my playlist soon.

Alternative rock are the best. A mix of shouting and sentimental, like Linkin Park, Yellowcard etc. R&B Soul, Rap and Sentimental rocks too. Techno are great too, it calms me down somehow. Maybe full basses are more soothing for my ears. Why am i talking about music? o.O

Anyway, gotta go.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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