September 5, 2007

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Jiemin : All thanks to Derrick for his loud voice. Otherwise i would have smell like toothpaste. Anyway, i smelt like one anyway. That Derrick larh.
Derrick : Haha, we enjoyed it but i did it with a guilty conscience LOL.
Rachel : Challenge me man! See who loses and the loser sips a glass of red wine! LOL!
Vera : Sorry for the mistake again! Anyway, nice to know you as a friend! =P
Dickson : Thanks! Sure sure, i'll tag you often.
Shunhui : Buy yourself! It's not easy to travel from my house to Orchard you know!
Chungaik : Aww, don't be jealous! Btw, the song really rocks yeah~

Today's the first day of the Study Camp created and organized by Miss Pang!
Btw, sorry about yesterday's post. I was rather tired and all, so i just used crappy English for the post. Words and phrases like, "After a while", "Soon" and so much more.

Okay, to start it off. When i first reached school, i thought i was pretty late since it's already past 8.30am. To my surprise, i only saw Jiemin and Arthur in the AVA room. I was like, "Wah, this is all for today's attendance?". Of course, i knew that more people will be coming. Just wanted to act sarcastic that's all. =P

Anyway, more people really came. Definitely not the whole class though, but it's better without "them" around otherwise this camp would have been turned into a nightmare. We started off with a game called, "The Peanut River". The name is kinda cute though but the concept is almost the same as "Acid River". Immediately, Boon Keat and Kaijie said stuffs like, "Wah, we die liao la, got two giants how sia?". LOL. It's not my fault for being big.. Tried carrying Boon Keat on my shoulders, and he struggled like a little kid! In the end, we teared the sheets of newspapers given to us into half in order to cross the "river".

The next game was something to do with an egg and a few other stuffs. We were supposed to wrap the egg in such a way so that i won't break when dropped from an angle. Me, Chungaik and Mengci decided to go the slack way, just cover the whole egg with the newspaper, wrap straws around it and taped around and round. In the end, our "mummified" egg did not survive and died under the hands of Miss Wong. But, we did laugh our arses off while we are making it. =P

The next game was some guiding thingy which i sucked at. Man, i should have been the blindfolded person, so that i can ram my way through the distractors! I've been screaming like hell for Swee Hong to move left! And Kaijie was his official "distractor!". He decided to give up and sat in the middle. LOL.

Finally! A break. So i went into the toilet to freshen up and went back outside. Suddenly, Jiemin ram into Derrick from behind. Derrick and Boon Keat carried her from the top to bottom and she was struggling like mad! Haha, totally bullying underdogs.. xD

The next activity was Mind Mapping. Surprise surprise surprise! Miss Pang is teaching us Chemistry! Nah, kidding. Miss Mah is coming back and WTH. Anyway, did mind maps of the Chemistry Chapter 1. Did some flashcards and questions.

After that, we had lunch. At first i thought, "will there be a buffet?". In the end, we ate the food from the Malay store which was my most frequently bought food. After that, went back to the AVA room to rock the HOUSE!

Derrick was awesome man! He's like boogeying and jiggling his arse like a dancer! He sang the rock songs! What a performance man! The visualizer captures his face like some MTV or something LOL. Once again, i had the time of my life in there and Derrick, you were awesome LOL.

Miss Eunice came in and played with us some chair game. We were supposed to move towards the opponent side and likewise for the opponent in an U-shaped arrangement of chairs packed closely together. It's was so darn fun but we lost to Danial's group! Anyway, we had loads of fun indeed!

After that, we were supposed to break into 3 groups and each group will do one case study. Me, Kaijie, Chungaik and Swee Hong did the Bill Gates case study. It was rather simple since the whole group knows Bill Gates a little. The other groups were doing Mother Theresa and Michael Jordan. After that, we cramped together to hear some life stories from Miss Eunice. It was rather sad though and there was a story which include a chicken and an eagle. Haha, Derrick and Boon Keat was disturbing Jiemin LOL. I didn't want to laugh though since it wasn't the correct time to crack jokes.

Had a rest and continued with the activities. We did a collage of the following choices, My Family, My Hobbies and etc.. I "suanned" a lot of people and i made a fool outta myself by mistaking Jiemin's collage which has shades for a bra. Like, WTF! Syed's was awesome man! The woman in the middle looks like she got eff-ed or something. Mine wasn't as good as the others..

The day had ended and i head home to rest.

Well, that's all for today.
Tomorrow's another study camp! Hopefully, we can have a class picture together to relive this memorable day once again! Wishes someone to bring a camera or something..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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