September 15, 2007

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Gary : Huh? My post is epic win? I just type everything out in a moment of folly.. I guess it's really epic yeah..
Chungaik : Well, Death overcomes anger and hatred, but not to your close ones. Anyway, i did said that i'll be updating on weekends? And yeah, GunZ pro!
Jiemin : Maths is okay! But Algebra arr.. Can kill people! And yeah, Life is so short..
Jiayi : Haha, thanks!
Derrick : Bored before exam = Nothing else better to do. (So true lol)

Went to Queensway to buy the jerseys. Before that, went to Tiong to meet up with Chungaik! And yeah, he kept on spamming me messages when i'm already coming to him. Anyway, went to MJ to buy a Click Five album. Click Five is a band yeah. Then walked around Tiong for awhile and then we took a bus to Queensway.

Met up with Derrick in Mac. Boon Keat and Kenneth were there too! Saw Vera too, with her older sister i guess (That's what they told me). Eat McSpicy! Haven't ate it in awhile, been munching on Big Macs ever since. Love the hawtness~

After we ate finished, we went to find Jiemin. And then, we all went to order the jerseys. The jersey color was pretty nice! It was fully black, with some sky-blue stripes. And i chose the jersey number 54, because it's John Cena's jersey number too! (John Cena is related to WWE). Went window shopping with Derrick, Jiemin and Chungaik around the shopping mall. Well, i'm not the kind who window shops, but i feel that i can buy a lot of stuffs there!

It's time i should buy some formal clothes, instead of always buying informal ones. If i manage to get into Polytechnic, yeah, must buy some informal clothes already. I can't be wearing the same clothes day by day right? Now saving up for a Billabong pencil case and a pair of basketball shoes or Nike Dunks/Sneakers.

After that, Derrick and Chungaik went to my house. Derrick wanted to transfer some songs to his iPod while Chungaik came for fun. After a while, Chungaik played GunZ and he was dang pro! Time to steal some skills~

Well, that's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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