September 14, 2007

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Chungaik : Thanks!
Jiemin : Sleep well la!
Wanjuan : Hi Wanjuan!
Justin : Fuck, don't act twistish! Godamnnn~
Justin : Forget it, i'm bored.
Shuting : You really siao leh! See me also laugh. =.=
Rachel : Thanks! You and Kimmy work hard too!
Jiemin : Thanks! But how you know i working hard? You got see me meh? You may never know, i maybe at home secretly playing computer games. =O
Kimberly : Omg, you're so sweet. I'll promise ya. xD
Kimberly : I'll try to exercise, but as you know, i'm fricking lazy..
Boon Keat : Joke what lol?
Shunhui : Hi Shunhui!
Zhengyee : The spectacles makes my nose upper part pain, even if it have the cushion on it..
Justin : Yes, i did feel it..
Kimberly : No worries sis! It's just a small tremor..
Rachel : Yeah, 9 lives were taken away from the earthquake..
Fengying : Thanks! You also must jiayou for FYE! =D
Justin : Yeah, scary duh..
Rachel : Yes, i'm feeling it already..
Kimberly : 2000! Haha, thanks! Don't flood anymore. =O

Hi everyone! I'm back from the school week, and i'm in into the weekends. First of all, there's no way i can blog about all the stuffs that had happened over the weekdays. I guess i'll have to use pictures to describe some of the happenings. Well, too bad. =D

When my friends look at this pictures, i told them that they are pictures similar to that of "Shutter" photographs. In fact, they are just mist that are floating around my house.

Look at that size of the red ant bite! HUGE!

5 mini red ant bites on my right hand. Fugly..

Admiring it like always.

A pretty sight at the foyer in the morning. If only all the stars were wrapped with aluminium foil.

Faisal's freaking awesome hair!

Chemistry. =D

Chemistry. =DD

My self-proclaimed, Rainbow Solution V1! Well, basically, it does nothing..

My Desktop for September.

My blog reached 2000 views! Thanks guys!

That's all for the picture entry. Now for today. =D


It's been a while since i last blogged. Blogging is addictive you know!

Anyway, back to today.

First two periods were Maths. Many people hate it though. I admit, that i find it "sian" when there are two Maths period. But mostly double periods of Maths are for mock tests. Imagine 2 periods of Mr Kung talking all the way, i would rather sleep.. Did finish the papers that Mr Kung gave us, it was rather easy, but i need hasten up in doing of the questions! Remembered the first lesson after the holidays, where Mr Kung broke a glass mug in front of us. Those of you who know it, i'm a broken glass, with pieces placed back slowly..

CME was next. Ms Pang explained all the rules and regulations of the FYE. Some people said it was unnecessary which was kinda true. But obviously some people in our class doesn't understand the rules, so she had to explain it. xD

PE was next. Played Frisbee with Swee Hong, Shanyang, Faris and Kenneth. It will be even more fun if more people played it. We can set up teams of 2 and start playing! Caution; not suitable for people who hates running and teamwork! Somehow, i should be the PE rep, man! I mean, Mr Teo kept on asking me to keep the stuffs for him or such. Everyone just passed me the rackets, balls etc, =DDD

English was next. Did corrections for the English comprehension that i did yesterday. Remembered Mr Ng's words yesterday, that my English had dropped standard. Haha, those guys who are equal in standard to me, should be able to pass the English examination with flying colors! I need to brush up a bit though, maybe by reading more damn books!

Recess was next. Strained my knee cap during Frisbee so i did not run for TAF. So i stayed in class to slack. Listened to some music that Danial played on the console. I loved, all the songs, especially the Beautiful Girl sung by Jojo and Whine It Up by some artist.

D&T was next. Yeah, it was full blast at theory today. It's kinda boring hearing the teacher talk, talk, talk, talk and talk. Need some practical or something. It's really dang boring until i felt like slapping someone! Grrr..

Went down to the canteen to chat with some friends and then went up to the class for the study group. Finally, i finished my homework before even the weekends start. That rocked yeah.

Finally purchasing my first jersey tomorrow ever since Sec 1. I certainly hope that there is a size dang SUITABLE for me please!! =DD

That's all for today!
It was a long post yeah.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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