September 30, 2007

OHMIGOSH! Tomorrow's the exams!

I have shaved my beard..
I have washed my face with cleansing cream..
I have trimmed my fingernails..
I have trimmed my toenails..
I have cleaned my ear holes..
I have soaked my feet in hot water..
I have read all my books..
I have bought all my necessary instruments..
I have been waiting for tomorrow..
I have nothing to lose.. what's stopping me?


Yeah, so i have been mugging the whole afternoon yesterday and i'm having my well deserved break today. I'm gonna mug on Social Studies, History and Maths again since i still got 3rd October which is a free day for me, to study! My room is pretty much messed up like the way it was last year. Books all over and my bed filled with notes to arrange and consolidate. It's the first time i'm feeling so hyper-active. But still, i shouldn't act so presumptuous..

I'm gonna pray to God tonight and have a good night's sleep, hopefully. The shit is that there are always cats meowing outside my house in the dead of the night. Kinda eerie, it's almost as if it seen some ghosts or some paranormal beings. I would wish for a comfortable, good night sleep for tomorrow's paper, English paper 2 and Social Studies. The EL paper 2 is gonna be a hectic one, since it has two passages and a comprehension cloze. The only thing that bugs me is the summary, since it carries the most marks, 20.

The recent summary test, which i scored 12 at, is freaking difficult. A lot of people whom i expected to pass, failed eventually and likewise for those whom i expected to fail, passed unexpectedly. One good example is Chungaik, he got a freaking 14/20 for summary! But still, that's pretty good improvement for him and yours truly right here now wants to praise you for your hardwork!

I passed the recent Social Studies test, but too bad it allowed reference to the textbook. I relying on last year's knowledge of SS into my exam, it sounds bad but i have to take a risk. It's rather difficult to pay attention in Miss Foo's class, so i have resorted to this. Likewise for History too.

And so, 3rd October is my free day during the exam period. History got pushed backward and CLB got pushed forward, and yeah, 8th October WAS supposed to be my free day after the weekends. Well, might as well make full use of this day to mug for Science and D&T. I'm feeling lucky for the Science since i revised a lot on it already. I already passed D&T, because i finished a project which lasted for almost 3/4 of the year and it covers 70% of the FYE, the other 30% is the theory paper which i'll be having this 5th October. But still, i should not be so over-confident and just do the theory paper anyhow..

After the exams, i'll pretty much party out, maybe watch some movies and chit-chat all day long. But still, there's always something to keep in mind, the report books. Yeah.. Dead alright..

And finally, this picture made my day..
(Thanks Zhaobin!)

I find it rather cute actually, and yeah, it's photoshopped.

So for my final words..


Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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