September 4, 2007

Chalet was helluva fun!

Good evening y'all..!
I came back this morning at around 12pm and went to sleep all the way until 6pm.

Okay, just to summarize all the happenings and fun during the chalet!

Day 1.
I reached Pasir Ris MRT at around 3pm just to only see Boon Keat there. After a while, Pamela and Vera came, then Chungaik and the others. Carried stuff all the way to the taxi stand and went to the Aloha Loyang chalets. Checked in, went around the whole area in circles, and finally found the chalet named "Jasmine". The chalet was alright, although i been to better ones. Immediately, friends asked me to set up my Playstation and played. Btw, it's not PS2, it's just a grey PS!

After a few hours, we went to the beach and threw some bottles and pebbles to the sea. There weren't much anyway so we went back to chalet only to see Pamela and Vera in the mini-playground! In the end, we all went in and played too. Threw balls at the birthday girl, squashed Boon Keat again, and we got chased out by the bodyguard. Maybe, we turned the playground into a warzone and scared all the children out. =P

Went back to the chalet and the others changed into their swimming clothes. I didn't want to go since i don't really want to show my belly. If i ever show my belly to others, i'm pretty sure that they will faint. So i just played my Playstation with Weeleng. After a while, Pamela and Vera came to play as well. One of my fighting games has these girls who got hit by the player, and they sound horny. It kinda made me horny too.. Btw, it's Street Fighter EX2 plus.

Jiemin came back early from the swimming. After a while, they all came back too. Continued to play the Playstation though. In the evening, helped Chungaik and Kaijie to bring stuffs over to the BBQ pit. I started to heat up some marshmallows. Man, i wished they had bought cuttlefish.. When you cook the cuttlefish, it gets crunchy and tastes great.

Me, Zhixun and Chungaik went to the arcade to play some games. Played Daytona and suddenly felt like playing Maximum Tune 2.. LOL. Watched Chungaik and Zhixun play the Para Para game. Chungaik was uber funny man! He's like dancing like a chicken! LOL.

Went back since we don't have much change left. After a while, the cake was brought out and we sang the birthday song to Jiemin, the birthday girl! Ate the cake, and it tasted great. Zhixun took some cake and splattered it on Jiemin's face! He continued to do it until she's a bit "du lan". LOL.

We drank alcohol and Boon Keat got knocked out so easily. I mean it's like only 5% alcohol and it's that strong? The drunk Boon Keat was so scary. He even crawled to me and kept on touching my feet, attempt to insert a hotdog in my left ear and punched my stomach 3 times with his Drunken Mohammed Ali! WTF! Me and Derrick tried ways to put him into a corner or something. Derrick got angry too and smacked Boon Keat, but it doesn't seem to have any effect at all.. When Boon Keat is in the room, Chungaik called me over to hear his rantings. He said Kaijie's name, Derrick's name, my name and Chungaik's name. And said, "I want Chicken Wing.. I want Hot Dog!" LMAO! Laughing our arses seriouly..

When he finally got to sleep, went to my Playstation to play with the others. Bathed at 11pm and went inside a room to tell ghost stories. Telling ghost stories is a good way to make the others stay awake after midnight. Weeleng shared a lot with us and i can't really sleep. =P

Day 2.
I slept all the way till 8am in the morning. Cleaned up the place and play a little Playstation for awhile. When we are heading out already, 1 towel was missing. We assume that those who went home early took it. After that, went to the MRT station by foot and reached home around 12pm. Me, Boon Keat and Derrick saw Miss Chee at the train when she's leaving out! LOL, such coincidence.

That's all for the chalet.
And yeah, it was uber fun!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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