September 28, 2007

2 more days to examinations!

Oh my GOD!
2 days left to FYE!
*emphasis on fuck*

What have i been doing for the past few days?
Slack, Study, Slack, Study, Slack, Study and so forth.
DAMN! I still got the feeling of failure facing me!
Lots of peeps told me that i will not fucking retain!
But, it's just so believable!
I believe that i will not retain..
..but i still got the damned feeling of it!

English and D&T are my guaranteed 101% passed subjects..
All i fucking need is 1 subject to promote into Sec 4.
Maths, Humanities or Science?

I've been doing well for Maths, not as in the test and SA1 marks, but the understanding of the concept and formulas. The only thing right now that's bugging me like hell is the Algebra topic. I'm pretty sure that 30-50% of the paper 1/2 comprises of Algebra! Like fuck, that topic is so darn difficult! I'm only wishing for more Circles, more ToaCahSoh, more Graphs and more Mensuration (Not menstruation please..), since i'm pretty good at Geometry!

Humanities is one fucked up combination. I wanted to take up Literature at first, but i got fucking forced into History just because the Literature class is SMALL! If only i had taken it, then it will be like English + Literature = OWNAGE. And now, i'm freaking stuck with History and Social Studies, the subjects that makes you write a hell LOT. One question which is only worth like 8-9 marks requires you to write a 200-300 word essay, isn't that hot? *cries*

Science is one my favorites! But, the concept is too darn hard to digest. Firstly, there's a lot of key concepts and facts for you to remember. Physics is one that requires you to remember formulas and applying, kinda like Maths but harder. Chemistry is alright, easy to understand and also plays a part in Maths. Physics + Chemistry = 50% Pass/Fail.

Maybe, just maybe. I'll fully concentrate on Maths itself, pass it and go to sweet Sec 4. As for the others, i'll just take a chance and study them too.

Well, if you have been behaving well in class, you shouldn't have any problems. Your beloved teachers can help you force your way to Sec 4! But of course, you need to show that you are capable of improving and have a good conduct in class. Like Mr Kung said, he would even give 5-10% worth of marks just for you to pull through (5-10% is a hell lot!). Well, well ,well, if you had been the type who disrupts in class, talking back to teachers etc, you may potentially be a retainee.

The reason why i retained last year is because of my Science marks, Ms Chui and Mrs Lin (Retired) pushed up my marks from 30+ to 47, but it's also within their range. So i guess that retaining is pretty much the best solution for me, in order to recap everything from scratch.

Well that's all for today's post.
2 more days left! Study hard!
And remember..

The fruits of success and hardwork are sweet ~

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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