September 9, 2007

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Rachel : NO WAY! I did not bully him! Btw, his name is Boon Keat. Haha!
Kimberly : HOLD YER SEA HORSES! Don't compare your BF with me! Owned.
Kimberly : Yes, your butt please. =P
Jiemin : Bored leh today. So go to the website for fun. xD
Zhengyee : Yes, i'm freaking random. And why does everyone want a Crumpler bag these days..
Jiayi : OMG HELL YEAH. But it's just registration letter. I'm going NS maybe after Poly..
Derrick : LOL.

Kinda bored today so decided to post some Flyff nooby screenshots.
Credits to

Some gay talk. =.=

Someone who got jacked while spelling "Masturbate" wrongly. xD

SPAM! Read the last message. xD

For those who knows HolyCross.






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