September 22, 2007

Tags reply.
Justin : Sure thing!
Justin : Thanks!
Jiemin : Stronger attraction? LOL.
Weeleng : YO! Yeah, you haven't tagged my blog for quite long already..
Kimberly : Same here. My white face scared a lot of people and even gave one of them nightmares!
Shuting : Woah, you want to fight who roar louder ah! RAWRRRR! YOU FAIL MATHS I VERY HAPPY! xD
Rachel : Thanks!
Jiemin : Yeah, just remember not to wear a skirt next time. Who knows, you may just get punk'd!
Jiemin : Need hammer? One knock settle already, then you won't get stuck to it anymore! xD
Derrick : Crying for a failed test is as good as crying over spilled milk. Last minute revision does not do wonders at all. If i were you, i would have regret not paying attention in class.
Derrick : That's what happens if you do not revise early. It's too late to regret now, either work hard like a mad dog or just face the consequences. But still, i wish that you work hard now for the next 4 days (:

Good evening everyone! Just came back from studying, but you can say that it isn't really studying at all. Maybe, it's impossible to study in a group. We studied for like 1 hour+, which is definitely not a routine mugger. A crazy mugger would study like 5 hours a day and maybe 1 hour of revision. Maybe i decided to study alone in the library yeah, but still, 2 people studying together is the best solution.

Yeah, i ever wondered if i'm even studying hard for the past few days. I'm really scared of retaining, which some of you would say that it's no balls, no guts, no glory. BULLSHIT! I totally regretted not studying well last year. It's not as if you retained and you are older than the others in your class means that you are big fuck. NO! You can say that i'm cheerful and happy, but deep inside is a thorn that cannot be removed.

Sorry if i'm not studying with you guys again, but it's just that i can't afford to retain again. I already know my status. Please don't stop studying as a group because of me. I just can't really afford to retain for the second time..

So till then, until the exams finish.
Bye blog, will not be touching ya for awhile.
(This time, it's for real)

Everyone please work hard and do your best for the exams!

If you want to tag, go ahead. But i won't be replying to you, only after the exams.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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