September 8, 2007

maybe, sunday will be my last day ( :

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Kimberly : You are damn bored huh? I suppose that you were about to spam my blog eh? I shall blast your arse with my double barrel shotgun! Bohahahahaha!
Derrick : LOL, she's always like that. Ignore her, man! Yeah sure, hopefully. xD
Chungaik : Sure thing! Btw, Derrick did say he was a fatty too. =P
Kimberly : Howdy! I'm going post now!
Jiemin : I prefer school. Can bomb teacher, err, i mean ask teacher for help. xD
Charlene : Haha, no problem. But we seem to be ignorant to each other, so i thought that we aren't really good friends anymore.. xD
Kimberly : Thanks! Good luck to your upcoming project!
Rachel : Omg, don't cry! I hate making girls cry.. Yeah, i will!

Well well well, who's back to blog again?
Yeah, i was supposed to stop blogging yesterday, but since i still can use the computer till Sunday, why not update?

I was quite bored today, after i finished 4 hours of revision and such. I used the computer today and yeah. Some screen shots!

Love Calculator jokes! xD

OMG. I do love boobs! Gosh!

Some photos that i taken. But never upload at all.. PS, they are like 3-6 months old..
It's random, please!

Siraj and Asha acting like WWE superstars. xD

Derrick! LOL! Surprise picture~

The power of inverted colors! That's Mun Tat btw.

The power of inverted colors! Derrick btw.

Our former notice board.


The day when i first started seeing them play MT2. Danial and Derrick btw.

Derrick and a stranger playing.

The game itself. xD

Danial playing some airplane game.

How i wish i could reach for that PSP..

The calculator which made me fail one of the Maths test..

National Service letter.. Oh oh..

Boon Keat xD!

Stalker of the day!

And yeah, most of the time, i do not have enough memory in my phone to continue photo taking. Haha..

Well, that's all for today..
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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