August 18, 2007

best day of my life. 180807 <3

Reply of tags.
Jiemin; Thanks. This matter had been stuck in my heart for a long time. Finally i released it all out!
Derrick; What you said is true. But their actions alone can harm the whole class. Like last week, the whole class wrote pink forms..
Shunhui; Hey thanks! But i doubt it'll end, unless someone takes them out.
Zhengyee; Good morning! RISE AND SHINE!
Kimberly; A lot of bad things..
Justin; YEAH TRUE! I don't really find wreaking havoc fun at all..


Today's gotta be my favorite day! Lol, yesterday was the worst day, and today's the best. Weird..

Anyway, i got too excited in the morning. I kept on trying and testing out clothes to match my appearance. I finally settle for a green top, dark blue jeans and a jacket. Had to wear at least a green or a red since it's the school's colors. Looks cool!

Then went to Clarke Quay MRT station to meet up with my Scout peeps. Most of them came, even Tajinder and Zhao Liang came! We talked a lot of crap and more of them came. Finally, we went to this restaurant named Riverwalk Tandoor Restaurant.

OMG! The food there is UBER DELICIOUS, but darn spicy since it's Indian Cuisine. The curry rules, the prata rules and everything there rules man! The best was the Tandoori Chicken which tasted super nice! Then Lucky Draws came about, and i won a LED torchlight from the lucky draw! Then had a fastest SMS game where we had to type a certain message and send it to the specific number.

Me and PLC 06/07 cheered like the old days. Yeah, missed the old PLC days man.. Gotta love it. Then some videos of the leaders appreciation. Haha, lotsa them like pretty nerdy, some like a kuku. It's amazing how they changed from a nerd to a hella cool dude. And Prash Naidu.. Haha, people ask me to have him as an inspiration. From a fat ass, into a sexy guy <3

And then we went outside to have one of the largest photoshoots in history. After that, we cheered out hearts out in the public. Even though the police came, we still kept on cheering. Haha, hope they'll understand! Then one of the scouts brought the pack of balloons and released it in the air. What a beautiful sight! Too bad i did not take any pictures..

Then the guys started sucking in Helium and making funny noises! All "chao sia" to the max! Best "chao sia" one was Wen Li! Like a super gay LOL! "Suck you lah!".. HAHAHA!

Then went home by MRT..

Gotta love this day.
180807 <3

That's all.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

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