August 19, 2007

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Kimberly; LOL! My chair didn't broke. It's a bit shaky already ever since that bastard Justin sat on last month. He's like spinning around like a top and stomping on it with his feet! Can you believe that?
Jiemin; I guess it's retribution. They did their bad things, and maybe the bad things will come upon them. LMAO, that Mun Tat! Kept on pushing down my chair! *should have taken a video.*
Derrick; It's not like the first time you know them. You do something bad to them, they give you a frustrated face and start calling you names.
Jiemin; It almost spoil.
Chungaik; LOL what?

Today's the last day of the week.. 6 more weeks to examinations!

Well, i do not know exactly what will happen tomorrow. Maybe someone will fight? Or maybe the 3D guys woke up and start revising for their future. If they want to be jobless for the rest of their life, so be it. I washed my hands off 3D too. I guessed that not much people read the 17th August post. I was expecting flamings and spams.

All i fucking wish for 3D is get up and start going forward, instead of backward. Enough of all the stupid titles, enough of all the disciplinary management, enough of teachers crying and enough of all the wasted resources. The table i'm sitting now is one big example. Papers stuffed inside and nobody cares.

Praising people for doing bad deeds is darn enough please. It'll just encourage them to do more. Everything in the class is backward.. Oh my God.

You only have one life. It's like playing an MMORPG (I don't why the fuck i relate games to this). The moment you screw up your stats, your whole character is screwed. You pumped the wrong skills, your whole build fails. You do bad things, people start to hate you bit by bit. You kill a player, someone will kill you one day.

For now, i do hope that my wish comes true.


Today Derrick, Mun Tat and Kaijie came to my house! And they came quite early too. Can't blame them, my house way more further than their's. Likewise for me too! Anyway, Derrick went to use my computer and the rest played with me, Suikoden 2.

We tried unlocking secrets and recruiting. Most of them are successful, some are not. *man, i hate mini-games that tests your luck. 3 boos for them!*

Then after that, we played Half-Life 2 on my computer. At least, they played in the day. They can't imagine me playing Half-Life 2 in the night with silence in my room. It's uber scary! With all the deformed humans groaning, my mum would definitely slap me!

They went home since Derrick had to go for tuition.


That's all for today i guess.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

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