May 26, 2006

Wow.. Today very weird sia.. Almost half the class never come to school.. Quite peaceful actually.. First lesson was PE, i played badminton with Safwan.. He damn pro, but i'm a pro myself too =p..! Next is Social Studies, haha.. Mr Beh so funny sia.. When Yiren is marking the absentees in the class diary, we say why write so many "balls".. LOL..

Then next period was the best, it was Maths period.. Mr Ganesh came in and also we never start lesson! Wah power leh, three free periods.. Then i looked at both Riyas and Mr Ganesh's phones.. Same brand, Nokia N60.. So cool man! Then Mr Ganesh let us listen something pervertic.. LOL! The girl mistook the customer's clock for HIS COCK! LMAO! We laughed our asses off that man.. Haha..

Then nutin to say about POA, continue lesson.. get report book.. blah blah.. SIGH!

After recess, i had D&T.. My fave subject and it's so fun.. Finally finished my wooden aeroplane.. Looks weird but ok.. AND it cant fly.. ZzZz.. When Mr Prem was gone, the class knocked their hammers wildy on the table.. SO LOUD! Lucky Mr Prem never scold.. You know Mr Prem can be a savage beast sometimes LOL!

After school, i had scouts.. Haix.. Talking bout scouts arh.. I wished that everyone in the unit would be commited to scouts.. Hope it comes true.. Cos i really like scouts.. The camps, the campfires and the connection of scouts and guides from other schools.. Irresistable..! I took Exploration training from Hong Liang aka Mr Chan.. Quite an interesting lesson and i learnt a lot..

Well.. Today's a good day except when around 6.20, we were taking down the scout flagstaff and it started raining.. We worked our butts off but Hong Liang scolded us and asked us to come inside the shelter cos it was raining..

Seeya and may God bless ya =p~

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