May 30, 2006

Haha.. Today was quite a day for me.. *ahem*

In the morning, i went to school early.. Around 7-8am.. To my shock, i already saw Yiren and Zhaobin, sitting on our class usual meeting place.. Really zonked.. Haha.. Anyway, time to show off my new handphone!! WOOHOO!! Oh yeah baby.. Hehe.. Crazy me.. Then i played DJ Dom - Stay With Me, this is one of my fave techno remixes.. Remixed until like siao, can make my computer spoil also.. HAHA!

Then at 8.30am+, i went to see the dentist.. I thought i'll get a beating from them but i didn't =p.. The dentist said, " Good, good, keep it up..!".. LMAO! First time hearing a dentist encouraging me to keep up my good work of brushing my teeth! Haha.. Thank you very much, Miss Dentist..!

At around 10+, me and a small gang of 3b-ians went to Tiong to eat lunch.. Nothing special, just Yiren and Wendell talking about Diablo 2.. A game which i didn't like but has a good storyline to it.. Heh heh..

After that, i went back to school to help out at scouts.. HAHA! So fun to disturb patrols.. Then my PL came, it's TIME TO BUY BAMBOOS! Zzzz.. Then my mum called me to help out at her stall.. No choice but to leave my scouty friends behind and went to help.. Haha..

After that, i went home and sleep for awhile.. Then played Maple..

Well.. That's all FOLKS!

Seeya and may God bless yaw!

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