May 23, 2006

What a fucked up day for me.. Nutin to say.. My mother keeps talking about my computer.. How it destroys my life, affects my studies.. I cant take it.. Bloody hell.. I tried my best to study.. And now she's blaming everything on my computer.. How can i take it.. I played my computer twice a week only.. And as if my class environment is condusive enough for me to study.. I lose interest in studying easily.. And now she said if i get no "A"s in my report card.. She's gonna confiscate every priviliege i have with me, my computer, my phone, my mp3 everything..

Confiscate lah! I'm already struggling between Scouts and my schoolwork.. I should not even have joined this fucking cca in the first place.. I feel really.. Sad.. It's very unfair to me.. Studied hard, no encouragement from my mum but just to get "A"s.. And i flunked almost every subject.. How am i gonna survive this.. I hoped for once that she just do not blame everything on the computer, she just kept saying it.. Quite sick of it..


What can i do..

This is my life..

My life......

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