October 14, 2008

It's all.. weird

Seriously.. Srsly.

Today was the.. shit.

To many, it was pointless attending school since it's post-examination status now. The school have planned many activities, indoors or outdoors, and everyone seemed to complain about the $4 fee. I only have roughly 2 weeks of school left, and the worst part being not able to receive the N levels results, just sucks totally. While I envied other classes, my class was just a class, with 4 groups. No unity, no teamwork. I'm definitely not going to enjoy these few weeks of school. How am I going to consider this a graduation? I don't even know whether I can make a reunion party after we're like in our 30s. In short.. There's just a really huge gap in our class.. But, like anyone cares?

Now.. I know that I cannot graduate with a smile. Never.

If we can't even make these 2 weeks count and make it memorable, what's the point? The school is just wasting it's money. People are even complaining about the $4 and even said that they are not coming to school. How fucked up.

Yeah, keep on saying that coming to school now is pointless. Now, Miss Pang have to chase after those who planned on not coming to school anymore for a measly 4 bucks! Or maybe even pay for it using her own money. Great isn't it. The school assumed that it would be great to have post-examination activities and ended up, money issues, behavioral issues and attendance issues. It's really like adding fuel to fire.

Today, was the worst day. We came to class, spent 30 minutes cleaning up and the remaining 2 hours, we were restricted to drinking air, staring at other classes and looking around. Then after that, there was a fire drill. Then the bell ranged, like it's real spontaneous and then we went down. Imagine there was a fire, would people still be so calm as to just walk down? I bet people would be jumping over a window, havoc everywhere. And squatting down at the field was a bitch. I was putting my belly button injury to it's limit by pushing my weight into my legs and body. Eventually, I felt really weak. And then, Asha went to the canteen to eat and nobody bothered to stop him? So I was like, "Fuck yeah, I'm going down myself". I took the key, opened the door and my belly started to show stains. GREAT HUH. WHAT AN AWESOME DAY.

After that, Mr Kung came into class and started to talk so much. "This would be the future class next year". I was like, "You gotta be kidding right?". And the next statement he said was a contradiction, absentees won't be in next year's class? Man.. It's no surprise, since he did said that there will be one GESS teacher and several other school teachers in the N level examination hall, when it's the total opposite. Soon after, we headed into the IT room to hear Mr Giam's speech about the 3 paths, once again. Once we get the results, we'll talk about that. Right now, there's really no point.

Watched Freedom Writers. It had a good rating, and almost WAS the exact replica of our class. Open defiance, fights, racism, vandalism (It's common nowadays) and groups. I couldn't enjoy the movie because there were noises, in front, behind, everywhere. Most of the time, I just couldn't hear what the cast was saying. Call me a fucker or whatever, but I just wanted to enjoy the movie, man.. Upon watching the movie, I just felt good. If our class was as understanding as them, we would've been such a good class, with unbreakable bonds and team spirit.. The idea of writing journals was better than keeping a blog, since the pen is the mightiest tool amongst everything, writing a journal with a pen definitely keeps sentimental value. This is where laziness plays a part and eventually, journals died off and blogging became the trend. I still keep a journal, a personal one, to keep all my feelings inside.

Next was a Deeparaya 2008 concert, it was rather boring to be honest, but nothing beats to see a dance with Malay and Indian moves combined. I even learned some of the costumes' purposes and sure it was useful eh. Their names were just too stretchy, unable to recall.. After today, I just went home to have a good nap.

Well.. That's all for today then.
All I wish for.. is a memorable 2 weeks before I leave the school for ITE. Even if I'm eligible for Secondary 5, seeing the tree diagram that Mr Giam drawn and my age of 17, I can't afford to waste a year. Sorry friends and enemies.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

Oh, I'm not tagging anymore. Might tag randomly next time. I only want readers. =D

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