October 2, 2008


Good evening!

I had my History paper in the afternoon today, and man, for the first time, I found it to be quite easy. Serious! In fact, I did not revise for History at all, all pure knowledge comes from my attentiveness in lessons. Somehow, the facts start to pour out and I written a lot for my first time. Believe it or not. Still, I find it very weird.

Well, tomorrow's the grand daddy, Maths Paper 2. It's gonna be hard, I hope. (Haha! Boon Keat, I hope you get B3!)

Anyway, before I end, I just want to share a game which I found to be quite addictive, hopefully would last for me for a while. The game is World Of Kung Fu!

More details about the game here.

My review:
Immediately, you would've guessed that it's an oriental fantasy MMORPG, typical grinder and stuffs like that.. Somehow, WoKF (Shortform) seems to beat most of that. Starting of the game, you get 4 skills to help you out. There is no skill points in this game, you can only use money to buy them or hunt them down from monsters. There is no stat points to add in this game, everytime you level up, stats are automatically increased. That would mean, balanced PVP and balanced wars. No critical builds, low DEX builds whatsoever.

There's no jobs in this game. Rather, there are 9 weapons to choose from. Mainly, the Sword, Spear, Staff, Fan, Broadsword, Hook, Hammer & Axe, Bow and lastly, the Fist. Each kind of weapon have different skills, some pure offensive, but there's no pure defensive. Fan and Hook are the support classes, while the rest are damage dealers. More information here.

There's a lot of unique features in this game. That's for you to find out! Some examples are, Instant Dungeons, Party Dungeons, Crafting, Collecting Materials and many more..

The only feature here I don't see in other games is WoKF's Qigong Temple. Practicing Qigong while in game allows you to gain experience without fighting! OMG, like how cool is that? BUT, there's a limit to how long you can practice Qigong. Everytime you spent 1 hour in the game, you gain 5 points. Everytime you level up, you gain 5 points. 1 point = 1 minute. And the experience gain is awesome, you can level up from 1 - 25 in a day, and the max level cap is 80.

Another feature is the wars. If you played 12Sky, Sho Online, you should know this. There are 5 warring nations, mainly the Zhou, Zheng, Liang, Wei and Qin. Kinda like Dynasties. You can enter war and then play a deathmatch with the other nation. It's so fun! I already played it myself. Damn..

Some screenshots of me in WoKF.

Me in Qigong Temple. The place for meditating. Haha, noticed that panda behind me?

She's a cute little panda!

Anyway, that's all. If you wanna play, please add me!
I'm in Golden Serpent server, a Lvl. 27 Spear and in Zhou Dynasty. Hope to see you there. (Although not much of my friends will join anyway.. Haha!)

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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