October 19, 2008


Haha. All of a sudden, this word comes into mind.


All hail the great gratitude. Nowadays, I do not really expect gratitude from people. I had to close one eye every single time, and let them have their way. Yep, I'm channeling my frustration inside me. Frankly speaking, I'm just confused.

Right now, I just could not differentiate who are my friends and who are not. Once there was a group of students or.. should I say, a clique. They were so close, like blood siblings and one day, disaster strikes. They shared weal and woe together, and eventually, problems are solved. God knows why these problems just kept coming back. Some believe that it's destined that such a clique shouldn't have existed. Having knowing that, all members of the clique started to talk behind their friends or should I say, enemies' back.

Gradually, the clique fell. All hope was lost. There wasn't even a chance for amendments. Everyone acted rashly, starting fighting, promote criticism. Indeed, in my eyes, it's truly a bad sight. One day, there was this fat boy, who wanted to just piece everything back. He was an optimistic guy, but sadly enough, his optimism wasn't contagious. He thought hard, but to no avail, things are just getting worse. So he decided, why not let nature take its course?

However, nature was being evil. The members of the clique started to have problems of their own. Every single problem was one of its kind, which makes it difficult for comfort. This fat boy, started listening to everyone's problems, tries to solve them but still, it's the same outcome.

So he guessed that piecing back everything was a total failure. He finally understood that every single thing that happens in life is due to them, themselves and their manipulations. He even related it to a MMORPG, whereby the character you created, all depends on your hands and how you control it. It's like life, you control your life, you don't let fate, destiny or nature to operate it, they do not have hands.

So in the end, this fat boy decided that they should just live their life. Of course, he always hopes for them to have a life of joy, of optimism and of happiness. It's all up to them to decide.

Although some of his friends still make fun of him and not talking to him most of the time, at least, he knows how to enjoy a life of solitude, thanks to his childhood.


Heck, I do not know why I wrote that story (Some sort, lol). But I felt better after typing it out.

Please note that 4D is not going for Graduation Night anymore. I figured that $58 is a huge sum and moreover, my classmates are not even interested. Seriously, there's no point in going when the whole class isn't, right? Everyone is like, interconnected.

"If he doesn't go, I won't go."
"If they don't go, I also don't want to go."

Just come clean with me, and say that you are not going. Period.

I will return the Graduation Night registration papers as void, back to Mr Derek Tan. Sorry to those who intended to go, like Chungaik, Asharudeen and Danial. But yeah, it won't be fun if not even half the class is going. So yep, my 4D classmates, enjoy your holidays after next week. Go work, slim down or anything. Best wishes for everyone.

As for me, I'm gonna slim down for 2 months. Hopefully, I'll get stronger by the time I enter NS.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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