October 9, 2008

N levels OVER!

Good afternoon!

My N levels are officially over! POA students ended theirs earlier, but so what! Haha! Anyway, since the examinations are over, I can go full throttle on my online games. I need to get back my happy mood and enjoy till the holiday starts. This time, I'm not going to work. Instead, I'm going to jog around the garden which is under construction outside my house. Looks like stadium-length jogging track, which proves useful to me since I'm aiming for Silver for NATFA (Or however you spell it) next year, hopefully.

Right now, at this moment, I have no mood to work, do homework or even go to school next week. Why? The N levels results! It will be released at 18 December, which is a really long time! Another matter is that graduation night is before the results release. I know you guys may say that graduation night is a waste of money and such.. Still, I like team spirit and graduation night is the only day I can hear the loudest of the student's voices while singing the School Song and other songs. Also, a night to flaunt your wealth, your tux, your formal wear or whatever..

Till this day, so much things had happened. There were good and bad, but most of it were bad. You wish you could turn back time, but it's impossible. What's done cannot be undone. Oh, I'm going to start listening to better songs. I had enough of most emotional songs already, some are really ridiculous, and it brainwashes people. Gawd. Songs that really make sense are songs from, like example, Teddy Geiger, Sara Bareilles, Missy Higgins, Ashley Parker Angel, We The Kings and so much more.. I need to listen to more alternative rock to pump up my life. Really, the rock genre makes you wanna boogie. Heh.

Oh yeah, I guess I'm gonna be a neutral party for the rest of my life. Once a whole, now split apart. Hope you understand that. Everything is falling apart gradually, and one day, there might be nothing left, but a memory of every little thing remained. As one said, a good life comes with a bad memory. If you're willing to bury the hatchet, you'll be happy. Why cling yourself onto something that pulls you further to the depths, rather than reaching and climbing out of the hole which you fell into. There are not 1, not 2, but many people whom I encountered, making themselves suffer for all the nothingness. I hope you find your way out of the hole, one way or another.

The new year is coming in approximately 3 month's time. It's the best time to lament, change your attitude and avoid faults in the coming year. Which ever path you go to, be it ITE or Secondary 5, change for the better. Nothing is stopping you. Don't expect nature, fate or destiny to reach upon you. Believe your hands, legs and brain. If you are working for money, do your best, wear a smile in front of your customers everyday and you'll be happy too. If you are bored, go for a garden stroll, look at children playing, when they feel happy, you'll be happy too.

In short, take care of yourself during the holidays and still wear a smile.

Nobody likes a frown. =]

Thanks for visiting and may God bless everyone on Earth.

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