September 19, 2008


Good evening y'all.

Today was a really tiring day. I had a stiff neck, just stiffness everywhere. I'm really getting too old.. First leg cramps, then constant headaches, and so much more. I have health problems like indigestion, bleeding belly, and sometimes I had this *stabbed* feeling in my lungs, it hurts like mad. Sigh, I don't know whether I could like live long. All these health problems at such a young age seems like a bad sign. Whatever it is, I just gonna live everyday like it's the last. And when I stop breathing, I will know that people around me remembers me, one way or another. Haha.

Anyway, enough of that crap. I know you guys aren't here for those.

Well, today was alright actually. I pretty much slacked through the day, since there aren't much lessons. At least, Jiemin didn't cried as much as yesterday. Glad that you are better now! Stay strong!

The first two lessons was English. Haha, Mr Sandhu was in a exceptionally good mood today. I loved the part when I chased Chungaik, because he took my IC and EZ-Link card, and Mr Sandhu tried to stop me. I took the pack of tissue papers and whacked his head. Hahaha! I was laughing! But yeah, sorry Mr Sandhu! Before all that, we had a little spring cleaning in the classroom. At least, the class looks a little worthy of the Clean and Green Award.

After that, was Physics. We had another test, this time, it wasn't a surprise test. Surprisingly, I found the test really easy. I felt great. In the past, Physics was like a killer subject, comparable to Humanities. Right now, at this freaking moment, it isn't. I can beat it so easily, like a punching bag. I love the sense of accomplishment.. It's great! I can finally rest easy for my Science!

Next was Social Studies. Did nothing much, slacked around. Mr AJ kept on asking me to study History. The problem now is that there's no point in studying History now. I know what kind of marks I will get for my Social Studies. Even if I passed History, it's a wasted effort. I'm just gonna concentrate on every subject, except for Humanities.

Recess time. Watched friends, playing cards.

Mother Tongue was next. The Chinese teacher was rather pissed today, and Hock Zheng said that she's vending her anger on us. Seems like it, but she was happy after awhile. Such quick mood swings huh?

After a week of mayhem, tears, pain and sorrow, it had finally ended. I can have my peace. After this week, I'm gonna reserve all my days for pure revision. I'm gonna try to not log on into MSN but I'll still blog. If there's any study groups next week, please invite me. Thank you!

Well.. I'm gonna take my well-deserved sleep later.
That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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