September 17, 2008

Save us from our misery.

Oh God. What happened to everyone?

With my eyes twitching and my leg that kept on receiving constant cramps, it's definitely a bad sign. The atmosphere at class today was pretty tense, even though we did wreak havoc during Miss Pang's period. I wish I can understand what my friends are going through, either a crisis or an obstacle. One person in particular, although I wish to not reveal the name, is going through a hard time. That person had countless problems, which are some of the worst I had ever heard. I'm going to try and help you in every way I can. That's what friends are for, giving each other a helping hand.

Man, I just couldn't study today.
I had this leg cramp which sucked donkey balls, at around 3 pm. Right now, even as I'm typing, it hurts. I'm walking with my left leg lifted at 70 degrees. How pathetic. I do need to exercise soon and there's a jogging track being implemented in my neighborhood. Right timing!

But well, apparently. About today.
We always have corners set up during recess.

First up. The current addiction.
The Gambling Corner.
Come here to get a gambling experience with no money at stake!


Next. The newly set up.
The EMO-tional Corner.
Come here to share your problems. Our dear friends will help you!


Lastly. For the paranoid and hardworking people.
The Study Corner!
Come here to ask for help, solutions or whatever. Just beware of the cat.

Well, well. That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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