September 29, 2008


Good evening y'all.

It's approximately 11.56 am now. Oh well, today's papers are Physics/Chemistry and Maths Paper 1, all in a day! I know that other schools, or other classes are experiencing like 3-5 papers a day (I think..), but seriously, the Cambridge setters or whoever it is, should cut us some slack! I was already losing my concentration during the Maths Paper 1 and most of the time, I'm staring into blank space. What I'm saying is.. Leave one examination date specially for one particular subject.

Talk about papers..

The Physics paper was so darn easy.. I already estimated 19/20 for the MCQ section, and roughly 19-22 marks for Paper 2. That brings about a estimated total of 38-41 marks. Frankly speaking, I had never gotten a 19/20 for any kind of MCQ before. I was getting more borderline passes instead. But NEVERTHELESS, it's one of my biggest accomplishment of all time. Of course, I have to thank Mr Chan for making me stay back after school, you know, his "system" whereby if you failed his class test, you have to stay back after school till 5 or 6 pm. That helped me totally. It's like the facts and formulas are already embedded in my brain. It's just awesome.

Chemistry paper was mediocre. Wouldn't guarantee a high pass, most probably a borderline pass, like 25 - 27. To sum it up, I'm already getting like 61+ marks for Combined Science, which is B+ I think? Hopefully, it would be B3, so that I can take a load off my shoulders for a bit.

Okay, let's head on to the biggest bitch on the block. Maths!
Maths was a partial murderer. With its Algebra questions, I almost wanted bang my head on the table and hope that it was all over. Lucky me, the Algebra didn't conquer the whole damn paper, otherwise I would have been defeated. There were some questions that appeared rarely, which makes it not a difficult paper, but more like a recap on basics. Basics like, Integers, LCM, Bisectors and Ratio. Overall, it's a rather easy paper, but still, it's an inversed proportion. The easy it is, the harder it is as well, judging from personal experience. =D

Alright, so 3 papers down, 3 more to go.
History is on, this Thursday. I'm not planning to pass History, but since Mr Leong gave the History students some self-prepared notes (I think? Cause' I remembered seeing, "Thanks to Boon Keat or something"..) I'm just gonna flip through the pages, and just try to memorize some of the model answers. Gosh, I hate memorizing..

Maths Paper 2 is the shit. It's a much higher conversion of marks, compared to Paper 1. Upon conversion, 1 single mark could equate to 2-3 marks (I think). So, Paper 2 is PRECIOUS! Besides, Paper 2 is much easier.. Think of Simultaneous Equations, those juicy 4 marks. And if there's a graph to plot, another 3 more marks.. Probability questions, aww, just sweet. Not to mention, Cumulative Frequency! In conclusion? Paper 2 owns Paper 1! Paper 1 is a noob.

Whatever it is, guys! Just do your best. Reap what you sow. (I hope this idiom is used correctly.. LOL)

And lastly, just want share some videos. Haha, maybe to occupy you during the "2 days holiday"!

The Hardest Boss In Gaming History

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Enjoy the videos!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

*oh man, I gotta sleep.. haven't slept the whole day..*

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