September 16, 2008


Oh man.. I'm really tired.
I did not have my afternoon nap, and therefore, I'm freaking tired. I just didn't feel like snoozing off and laying my ass on the comfy bed.

Oh man.. What's happening to my friends?
I had faced two damsels in distress. Someone who couldn't live life with simplicity. Someone who is having problems with the upcoming examinations. Someone who had his computer infected with Trojans. Someone who feel that he is jinxed. Someone who is having problems with love, the most fatal and tragic weapon ever. That's like 6 problems already from the past few weeks. Maybe I should apply for a counselor job or something. Really, I'm serious. I rather help people who are in distress. I'll check it out in the near future..

Oh man.. What's happening to me?
I'm having some minor health problems, and yet it's irksome in a bad way. But I'm glad that the people around me have either ceased or lessen their criticism on me.

Oh man.. Why am I having flashbacks?
So much memories, so much mistakes but no time to repent, no time to change. We all have to move on.

Oh man.. Why is life hard?
Life is never hard. It's just the people's outlook of life that makes it hard. Why drink alcohol when you can drink water? Why smoke cigarettes when you chew on sweets? Why talk big when you have no guts to do it? Why love if you can't love? Why demand respect when you don't respect others? Why murder people when you can watch pornography everyday? Why think of death when you are alive? Why get so worked up over love like it's the end of the world? These are some of the few complaints about life I receive practically everyday. I only got one thing to say, you have one life, ONE SINGLE LIFE, waste it and you are done for. Life is precious. Period.

Oh man.. Why does the bad live longer than the good?
One phrase. The world is biased. But anyhow, we still need to abide by a quote.
Enough sorrow to keep you human.

Oh man.. Am I going to get flamed?
Be it flamed or not, I don't care. This is me, I'm always expressing my honest views.

And finally.
Advanced Technology = Even more epic failures
Quoted by Rachel yesterday night. =D

That's all for my mini rant.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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