September 25, 2008

Forget the past, live the present, plan the future.

Good evening y'all.

I see a glimmer of hope somewhere..

A big thank you to everyone who cheered me up, tagged me and contacted me. I'm alright, somehow. But fret not, I won't be a foolish asshole to jump off a building just because of life problems. I have to admit, everyone changed in one way or another. Starting life afresh seems to be the best solution, and yet too late. I guess everyone needs time to mature, understand and respect everyone. Time is the best solution..

Still.. It won't be easy to forget the past. A good life always comes with a bad memory, and good health. Bad memory to aid you in the faults that you have committed in the past and good health, of course, to enjoy life to the fullest. And lastly, it takes a lifetime to forget her, so don't force me. Heh.

So, examinations are starting next Monday. 3 papers in a day, oh my goodness.. It's not gonna be stressful, but instead, tiring. Somehow, this time table is screwed up. Why clash 3 papers in a day? The worst shit is that, Maths Paper 1 is on Monday and the Paper 2 is on another day! Oh man.. Meaning that, we have to revise fully for Paper 1, and another full revision for Paper 2 for the other day? I'm sure that Cambridge is not messing with us. The past N levels have been a breeze and a disappointment for many after their O levels. When they mean that the current N levels will be hard, I'm sure they do meant HARD.

Lastly, I gotta sleep.


Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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