September 11, 2008

Bad day, perhaps?

Good evening y'all.

Today happened to be a bad day for some people. Oh well, without evidence, we can't make false accusations. But the loss of 2 really expensive equipments is such a pity. Maybe this time, you would learn to take care of your own stuff, especially items that are really expensive.

Yeah, I had a really eff-ed up morning today. I do not want to reveal this person's identity, because I want to prevent flame wars. I would really appreciate if you could at least say something more appropriate like a hello or something. It's practically everyday, you reached the area near the flagpole stand and you start criticizing me. Honestly speaking, I did not like it at all. In the first place, I already detested criticism. I'm not asking for a verbal war or anything, I just want you to change a bit. Everyone have their limits, and this morning, seriously, I felt like punching you, but I held back my fist to prevent commotions. So.. For goodness's sake, please, PLEASE, lessen on your criticism.

Well.. Today's the 11th September 2008.
It's a painful and dreadful day for many in the USA.
Read this.
September 11 attacks

6000 people died in the attack. To you, it might be a really small amount. But think, the amount of families grieving over the death of their loved ones, is really sad. I do not really care whether the USA president is at fault somewhere, but the bottomline is that innocent people died! How cold blooded can these terrorists be? Oh my God.. I just can't imagine myself in that situation. Although this is like 7 years ago, I just can't let it go. It's too tragic. Man..

Death.. is really bad. It just depresses our loved ones.
One said that no one is human if they can't take sorrow.
True. Very true.
But is this sorrow enough? Are we even caring for our loved ones? Why are we individualists? Are we requesting mother nature to perform more natural disasters? Must the world be indulged in catastrophe THEN we'll start caring for our loved ones?

I know I said this before.. Everyday, you see your loved ones, you should go and hug them, thank life for making us safe till this day. I have already experienced the pain of losing a loved one, because I let her loose in a country where chaos and killers are present.

So guys, start caring for your loved ones. Because the ultimate reason is, death is inevitable.

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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