September 10, 2008

The final lap.. Or whatever.

Good evening y'all.

It's been a while since I last updated! It's hard to update when I'm in intensive revision! So I felt it might be better if I just concentrate on studying. As I said last time, I cannot multi-task!

So anyway, for today's post, I just want to share my feelings with everyone.

Today's been a really meaningful day. Although not much happened, but it kinda struck me real hard. Okay, to start it off.. I woke up very early today, like around 4am. I don't know why, I slept at 1am last night, so I only had 3 hours of sleep. Somehow, I still feel energetic! I burned an hour of midnight oil for my Maths. Yeah! I'm planning to bring my Maths results into a whole new level. I'm seriously aiming for an A2 right now, since my English paper was screwed.

Speaking of English, Mr Sandhu came back to school today. He might be on medical leave the last few days. But when I saw him, I just felt that I let myself down. You know, the paper which I deem to be as the hardest I had ever done, whilst my friends just found it real easy. I just wanna rid of this problem out of my heart now. I always hated letting others down, that's just me.

The first two periods of today just made me feel rather.. outcast. It was History. Maybe it's just that History isn't my type of subject. Initially, I opted for Literature before getting promoted into Secondary 3, but my teacher said that the class was too small for learning?! In the end, I was forced into History, which I didn't like. Honestly, I hated memorizing notes and facts, although Science and Maths formulas are an exception. These 2 years of myself, learning History hasn't benefited me much. Right now, my Combined Humanities is screwed, literally. Social Studies was a bitch and I doubt History wouldn't be one either. So back to today, I just felt outcast. Seeing all my friends being able to write that much words in such a short amount of time, I feel defeated. I read my History book thrice already, still, nothing gets into my brains. I KNOW how to answer the questions and their formats, but the ultimate problem is my arsenal, which is lacking in knowledge. Maybe, just maybe, I'm gonna read the History textbook for the fourth time..

The next period was Chemistry. I had no problems in Chemistry. I even passed my previous two Chemistry examinations, Mid-Year and prelims respectively. But it just hurts to see that Ms Mah isn't really encouraging us because of her body language. Still, I appreciate her taking the time to print past examination papers for us to try, while some others treated it as garbage. This time, I'm hoping to get a really high pass for Chemistry, and to push up my Physics.

After Chemistry was Maths. I'm just glad that Mr Kung came back to help us in our final lap of 2 weeks. Mr Ganesh wasn't really a good one, honestly. I hope that the 6 failures in our class would pass their Maths, for Mr Kung's sake. As for myself, I'm gonna grind and mug like mad. Maths is probably the easiest to score right now. Oh, and I'm starting to like Algebra all of a sudden.. How unexpected.

Physics was next. Physics is also another subject that is easy to pass. The facts and formulas aren't hard to memorize and the questions are quite repetitive. Just have to be prepared for the random questions that will come out for the N levels. Mr Chan printed, too, a lot of papers for us to try on. Man, I'm loving all the teachers for their sacrificial effort!

Recess time! Watched friends playing dai di, and listening music on my w910i. Is it just me or is our class is turning more into a gambling den? Rofl.

CD was next! We had to do more surveys for the school. I don't mind doing surverys, but, is the school putting the results into consideration? I don't know.. I received my N level testimonial, which was pretty much overkill. I can't expect myself to carry that kind of comments, it's not really being true to myself. And my CCA grade, pretty obvious. The class started become a *snowball* frenzy, throwing paper balls at each other. That Chungaik, threw an accurate shot straight to my mouth and I became a laughing stock instantaneously. Thanks a lot, next time, I'll twist your ears again! RAWR.

English was next. But wait, THERE IS NO ENGLISH. A really big teacher, whom people said that it's a replica of either me, Derrick or Tajinder, WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT! Anyway, we watched Devil Wears Prada and damn, the starting part of the movie was kinda erotic. The men in our class kept requesting for a replay, HAHA! C'mon, if men hated those scenes, we wouldn't be men at all. After all, you'll be seeing those *treasures* in the future! HAHA! Some people were watching, some people were playing dai di and some people are.. *hmm, can't elaborate*. YES, I can't even get to enjoy the movie, but at least, I get most of what the movie is trying to show. Enjoyed it and I might go watch it online.

After all that, I went home. Man, my nervousness disease is really getting worse. I can't even say a hello to Pamela and Vera, who are taking the bus with me as well. You know, this disease is gonna affect me in the future. What if, my boss is a voluptuous lady and I can't even face her. What if, I can't even face women and be a bachelor for life. Oh my God. I can't even tap the EZ-link card scanner for goodness sake. I was deeply humiliated. BUT WAIT, I did recall seeing *ENTRY OK* while tapping, so.. why is it that I did not tap it? Oh shit, I think I'm seeing things right now. Must be the 3 hours of sleep that affected me badly. I can't even open my eyes fully without my spectacles. But if I wear my spectacles, I will look like a PANDA! Damn all these dilemmas. I hope I'll rid my nervousness of women.

Heh, it's been a while since I wrote a really long post. I feel great! A sense of accomplishment!

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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