September 14, 2008

2 WEEKS !@#$

Good morning.
Nah, good evening everyone!

It's Mid-Autumn festival today! I was downstairs awhile ago. I was playing fireworks with some friends and ate tidbits. My mother bought me moon cakes as well, and they are durian flavored, pretty delicious! I was walking around the neighborhood, it's pretty cool! The wind shoots at your face, bringing about a cool sensation and the stars are so bright this evening. How I wish I had someone with me to enjoy this special occasion.. Oh well, what's past is past.

So today, I trimmed my hairdo, shaved my beard, shaved my armpit (Damn, it's fragrant) and exercised a bit. I never liked long, fuzzy hair. I know it looks really cool and handsome on a male, but I just can't stand hair strands dangling on my face. To be honest, it's really irritating and causes me to itch. I really respect those males with super long hair, it's amazing how they can endure hair strands covering their face. I'm sticking to my shaved sides and bulky top.

I also noticed while walking to the barber some elders in a bus. There's one elder, in particular, who had really fragile legs and walking really slowly. No one seems to be helping him, so I had no choice but to assist him. One thing I don't understand is, why isn't he staying at home? With his fragile legs and bones, he could collapse easily. Man, this world is turning WILD. I have to predict that his children are ignoring him or somewhat. How pathetic..

I've been sleeping for the past two days! Am I mad or what? N levels are like 2 weeks away, and I'm here, putting my butt on the comfy bed! Gosh, John, you should slap yourself. But seriously, when it gets to the afternoon, I get tired very easily. And when I want to take a short nap of an hour, it automatically extends to 4 hours. So much for body alarm clock.. Oh and do you know that our body works and reacts like an alarm clock? It's true! Somehow, I'm not able to possess that trait.. Back to old, cellphone alarm digital clocks..

So yes, 2 weeks is all I got left. But recently, during the weekdays, I had some pretty good results. One, for instance, is Mr Chan's Physics surprise test. Damn, it's totally not his style. It's too easy, really. It's my first time getting an 18/20 for MCQ. If only I can get this kind of marks for N levels, it's SO TEMPTING MAN! For a while, I felt really awesome. Kinda like the feeling while you are fapping (LOL!). Anyway, I will be getting my Section B marks next week, so I'm hoping for some unexpected marks!

And finally, my Maths. I'm getting better at Algebra, due to the revisions! I'm so happy! Mr Kung's other school's papers helped a lot too! I'm glad that he provided answers and solutions for most questions. But to be realistic, I'm only able to attain B3 at my current state, which is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT, OMG. Mug, mug, mug, mug, mug, mug and MORE MUG. I'm going crazy soon..

Well, that's all for today.
School starts tomorrow.. Another week of mayhem. >_>

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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