September 5, 2008

Taking a holiday break, finally..


*goes downstairs to do some soul-searching..*

Anyway, my blog's daily routine will be resumed on next Monday. From Monday onwards, tags will be replied as usual, huge wall of texts and updated daily. It seems that I'm denied improvement of English unless I blog, seems that way. Maybe John's build in a different way, HE HAS TO GODDAMN USE THE COMPUTER EVERYDAY! Okay, with that said, I have to go for my *holiday* at home.

So.. Today was a rainy day. SO? I mean, it's been raining forever! I have to admit, the chilly winds and the icy atmosphere is cool, but it's practically everyday that I'm trembling with my balls! My room ceiling feels icy cold, because every single time the rain water evaporates from the previous rain, THE NEXT BOUT OF RAIN ARRIVES! Sucks to live at the highest floor of a building, you get all sorts of special treatment. I'm glad that the neighbour, who lives below me doesn't whine like a jackass anymore. He's WAS a jackass back then, and will be one now and forever. I always give him the dull expressions and I don't give a HOOT about him. Fancy complaining that my air-conditioner is dripping water WHILE IT IS RAINING! How crazy is that? To add on, banging on my door like HELLO? There's a DOOR BELL beside the damn door, nincompoop.. Because of him, I hate most wealthy people now. Some wealthy people are good ones, but are a rarity. Bad people is bad.

I just hope he moves out some day, FAST.

Enough of frustrations!
I gotta go!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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