December 20, 2008


Hai, good morning!

Well, finally I'm back to blogging after days of crazy gaming. Yeah, I closed my blog temporarily because I couldn't update and play at the same time.

I got back my N level results and I wasn't expecting to get a pass for Combined Humanities. (Seriously!)

English - 2 (I was expecting this, since I'm much better in English)
Maths - 3 (Might be my biggest improvement thus far)
Science - 4 (Need to buck up.. I can own in Physics, but not in Chemistry..)
Humanities - 5 (YEAH, I was expecting a fail.. I was like "WOW")
D&T - 2 (Yep, yep, been there, done there)

I'm promoted to Secondary 5! Congratulations to everyone who got promoted!

I have 16 points in total, and 7 points for L1R2. But if it's O levels, the difference is really huge. I had like 36 points after the prediction, which couldn't get me to anywhere. Secondary 5 is gonna be a tough road, like what Ms Chia said on the 19th December.. To add-on, we must start work already, although the holidays are still present. To be honest, all that gaming spree had gotten me more stupid than ever. I better start reading up all the textbooks and stuff.

I really hope next year would be a better one.. I don't really like people saying that combined classes are worst than before. I would do anything for the class to be united and rocking. That way, the graduation night for us next year would be merry and cheerful! Oh well, *crosses fingers and hope all is well*

A really awesome Granado Espada music video that my guild mate shared with me..

Well, that's all for today..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

Suying, I granted your wish. Now rest in peace, thanks for everything : )

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