May 15, 2008

Republic Polytechnic open house!

After school today, me, Hock and Danial went to Republic Polytechnic for their open house! Omg, RP is so cool. The facilities are freaking awesome! And I met some of our old boys/girls from Gan Eng Seng inside! Overall, the place is really cool, they even have an XBOX room, library cum cafe and free laptop charging area! The whole campus is called, "Agora", I think. Kinda cool name.

Anyway, we received some stuffs from the school..

The "Stress" Ball. LUL.

Some paper handbag.

A shirt. (Obviously I need to slim down, to wear it..)
I love this kind of class t-shirts.. Free design and more better looking than jerseys..

Back. We went to RP Open House!

RP Lanyard.

My fate is decided. I'm aiming for RP man! Better work hard from now onwards!

I'm tired now. Will reply tags tomorrow.
Because, I walked home since its peak hour that time, and standing inside the bus for long hours kinda hurts.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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