May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Firstly.. Happy Mother's Day to every mother, working mother and single mother out there! You worked your butt off for your children, struggling to hang on even after they showed you no gratitude and tolerated the wants and don't-wants of your children! Our mother is the only who understands us the most, since they gave birth to us and took care of us! Be sure to express your love for your mother today, since it's Mother's Day, duh!

I'm gonna change the blogskin again.. The fonts are too small, and it's hurting my eyes. My previous skin's fonts were way too big. I'm now hunting for a perfect one, hopefully to last for eternity!

So yeah, it's been a boring day. If only there isn't a weekend break in between the examination period.. I already lost my mood for studying, and I can't concentrate.. And after Suying left for USA yesterday, I already hadn't got any mood at all. I can't imagine life without her, man.. I hope to find a partner soon.. *laughs* It's like an ugly beggar looking for girls. Eeww.

Off to study Chemistry now.

That's all for today! Tolerate for another 2-3 more papers and it's chilling time!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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