May 14, 2008

School resumes tomorrow..

Well, school is resuming tomorrow, and for another week and then it's the holidays!

But I thought that the June holidays are mainly for brushing up of subject skills and rectifying all mistakes for the preliminary and N level examinations. So, the June holidays had lost its purpose already, although there is time for work and play.

One of my plans for the holidays is to bring up my 12sky character to at least Level 105, do some exercises daily and finish my D&T project work when I'm in the school workshop. Hopefully there'll be some outings, so that my whole month of holiday won't be merely just staying at home to rot away. If there isn't, sigh, the holidays are gonna be boring.

And tomorrow, I'll be receiving the English, History and Maths paper, hopefully. Then till next week, the rest of the papers will be given out. Finally, I'll know where I stand.

To the people who think that they'll not make it.. Don't think so negatively! You are a lucky ass that the Mid-Year results aren't for the N level certificate, so take the chance to rectify existing mistakes! Don't give up!

That's all for today!
Won't be replying tags.. Just kinda troublesome.
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