May 17, 2008

Quick update..

Hey good morning!

Just a quick update of my examination results..
And.. There's nothing for me to be proud of, anyway.

English: *Overall Marks to be announced next Tuesday*
Maths: 55/100
Comb. Humanities: 16/100
Comb. Science: 32/100
D&T: 33/100

Yeah, I failed Mid Year. Kinda discouraging, but I'll have to sacrifice a lot of my holidays to catch up with others. Take note that I did not study for the Mid Year, honestly speaking, if I did revise, the outcome would be different. Plain lazy, obviously. I can pretty much say that I'll pass only my English and Maths. English because of my Paper 1 and Oral, I passed Paper 1 and I gotten an A1 for Oral. Maths because I already passed it, ROFL. I unexpectedly failed D&T because I have yet to finish my project folio since it carries more marks in conversion rate than the theory paper, the theory paper is just nuts.

My two hopeless subjects, Humanities and Science, needs to be pumped with Nitrous Oxide (LOL, joking). I gotten a gist of how to answer in both SBQ and SEQ, thanks to Jieying. Right now, I have to capture a lot of stories and pointers from the SS and History books, during this holidays.

And lastly, for Science. I still have a hard time understanding Physics, but I know memorizing formulas and the definitions will help me out one way or another in the future examinations. For Chemistry, usually I have no problem in it, maybe for this case, since I did not study, flunked it totally.

Time for intensive studying during the holidays..
Updating more in the evening, and tags will be replied later on too.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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