May 6, 2008


After walking around for at least half an hour, after having a long history tuition, after walking home from Farrer Park, after washing my clothes and after revising for Physics, I'm finally dead beat..

I'm gonna have an early sleep now.

Oh and thanks Jiemin's sister, Jieying for tutoring me and Derrick on essay and source based questions. The session really helped me a lot. And when I used to see no hope in passing History, I finally spotted a glimmer of hope in front of me. Thanks again!

That's for today.
Oh and I tolerated the busterings, not getting angry though, just hope you guys don't get the wrong idea, I was just too tired. I was too tired, too tired to even study a bit of Physics at Han's. It's pretty noisy in the afternoon..

Anyway, I'm gonna get a good night's sleep now. Hopefully the history paper tomorrow would be a breeze.. And possibly, my first ever pass in History..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

Thanks for reliving my mood again, Suying! I love you..

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