May 27, 2008

I'm happy at last.

Suying, finally you emailed me. I was so worried for you, for at least a week. I didn't have the mood to even play games, because everything.. seems incomplete without you around. I couldn't raise my spirits after the day you were gone. I just couldn't stop loving you. I missed every single day we spent together, as great buddies. I would like to say.. thanks for making my days worthwhile. I was pessimistic then, till you arrived from nowhere and still remember my face after all these years.. Whenever I had troubles, you were there to be my listening ear. And.. I'll never forget all the times we had during pre-examination tuition, tickle you, pat you and all sorts. Never-ending laughter..

I hope you are doing well in the USA, it's gonna be hard adapting without you, but it's okay. Study hard and I'll study hard too. I will pursue my dreams and goals in life. Suying, before I end this.. I always wanted to say this.. After all, I have been saying this phrase almost everyday after my birthday.

I love you.. Suying.
Take care of yourself.


Happy Birthday Mum!

You are the best mum anyone could ask for! Sorry for scoring so badly for the Mid Year examinations.. I really regretted it, but because of some personal matters, yeah. Right now, you're my one and only, kin. I'll take care of you, get a good job and give you a good life after your retirement. It's gonna be hard, I know. We faced hardships before, right? This would be nothing!

I love you, my precious mother!


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