May 3, 2008

Out of ideas.

Studying as usual.. Boring shit, but hell, you need to study to get through the examinations.
*Like which ass doesn't know that..*

All of a sudden, I started reading the dictionary. I started finding words like bra, private, boob, lame, crazy, ass, fuck, girl and whatever dirty words you could think of. I was too bored, meh. Then I recalled some words from the video games! See, even video games help you in English!

Some of the words are..

I remembered this word from the game Xenogears. Calamity was a machine, with deep hatred, wanting to destroy everything. It was the first boss in the game, and it took quite a while. I restarted over 10 times, just to defeat the first boss of the game. Anyway, as it's name suggest, Calamity means destruction, disaster and domination. This word can be used as a synonym for destruction and disaster, not too sure for domination.

This word is a skill name from one of the many monsters in Final Fantasy 9. This skill lures a target from my party and yeah, it's in love with the monster (It's an ugly monster, btw) So this word means, lure, tempt or attract.

And there are still so many words!

I was having nostalgia from the days I played Final Fantasy 8. Oh my God, it was the most beautiful game ever made. The music, the storyline and the people.. Breathtaking. I even remember the ballroom dance, where Squall and Rinoa met, and the music, Waltz for the Moon, was so catchy..

And Final Fantasy 9, it has awesome graphics despite that it's under Playstation. All I remembered from the game was Garnet/Dagger humming that melody, Melodies of Life. It was a really sad but comforting tune. Sometimes when I hear this melody, it calms my soul down, makes me remember all the past events and wondering what I've done.. And like FF8, it's storyline is top-notch, likewise for music and graphics. I'm gonna put up the melody in my blog as well.. For a week maybe.

Well, that's all for today..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

I love you, Suying!

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