May 5, 2008

English Paper 2/CLB Paper2

Evening everyone!
Just a quick post about my examinations today!

Meh, English Paper 2 was one of the hardest I ever did in the past years. While doing the paper, I saw people putting their heads on the table, kinda like given up or something. Can't blame them though, even I find it hard, why not them? Just for people who are curious, here some of my answers..

Each passage has a question on "The word is.." right? The first passage, I put it as, "Shepherd". For the second one, I put it as, "Reignited".

Passage 2, there's a question on, "Give two words that describe the great task of women managing the house blabla". I put it as, "Burdens" and "Stress".

And and, the cloze passage.. Oh my Goodness, I should have read the book, "Struck By Lightning"! I never would have thought a passage would come out from the book, which is compulsory for us to purchase..

But overall, I find the paper pretty challenging. And summary, I got lucky once again and hit the 130 word mark. Phew..

After that, CLB.. C'mon, this was like pure cake. Can't be too over-confident!

Tomorrow's the SS and Maths Paper 1 examinations!

Guys! Revise for the night and do your best tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

I love you, Suying!

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