March 30, 2010

Sweet updates.

Hi there.

As you noticed, there's a huge change on this blog. The blandness is gone, and now, it comes with a little goodness. First of all, there's a search button on the top. No, it isn't a Google search, but it searches within my blog! Just type a word and you'll find all posts related to the word. Pretty nifty eh? Second, there's a RSS Feed subscriber button. Use it if you want to subscribe (Which I doubt many would) to my feeds aka posts or if you use Blogger's widget, "Blogroll". Lastly, if you don't want to comment, there's a reaction bar which shows the different reactions you can give to the post. It's sorta like a Like button in Facebook, just that there's a negative option.

That's just about it. Please visit my collaborated gaming blog with Erin on

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

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