March 26, 2010

Bucket of tears.

Hi there.

It wasn't a really good start this morning. I woke up scratching the hell out of my right leg, and found out that it felt bulgy all over. It was probably attacked by several mosquitoes.. Damn, no wonder, it rained so much for the past few days. Do mosquitoes breed that FAST? I need to research..

..and today, I resigned. Gonna start finding one soon straight after my ITE course starts. I'm just gonna force myself to look on a bright side to ITE..

So, you might be thinking. Why is my post title named, "Bucket of tears"?

As a man, I strongly admit, I cried a lot at the last few episodes of Cruel Temptations. To think that I forcefully detested Aeri and Gyo-bin since the beginning, and now I felt nothing but sympathy and respect for their decisions. It was WEIRD how they suddenly felt remorse and a need to repent just right at the end. To be frank, I felt that all these sudden personalities are forced together in a few episodes. Aeri, Gyo-bin and especially So-hee all changed personas way too quickly. Nevertheless, it was rather awesome for antagonists to be repentant after ALL they did and I loved how all they all lament on their past while repenting.

Mediacorp's torturing me for dragging the final two episodes all the way to Monday. Damn it. But hell, I must purchase a Cruel Temptation DVD.. Kudos to the makers of this drama series. If you have not watched this series yet, oh boy, you only have yourself to blame.

That's about it.

Oh my gaming blog -> is deleted. I started a new gaming blog with Erin. It's still in development but do support it when it's up. The link is..

Thanks for reading. Peace out bitches.

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