March 23, 2010

He's digusting.

Call of Cthulhu Screenshots. Just look at what he's saying!

Rats? Tasty? EWW.

Disturbing game indeed. The game isn't scary.. But the atmosphere is so creepy.

Anyway, hi there.

It was an awesome day. It rained. YEP! But when it's raining, we should be sleeping, NOT WORKING! Argh. Working on a rainy day, it sucks. Playing games as usual. And finding a new wallpaper for my current obsession.


Yes, Battlefield Bad Company 2. The game I played for 50 hours straight. It's so addictive. Limited Editions are still in stock, so get them while their hot!

I need to make an announcement. *why so serious?*

Nah, it's nothing serious. It's not harmful to my blog either. Just new updates. If you noticed, my tagboard ONCE AGAIN disappeared. No, it didn't ran away on its own. I took it out. I figured that most of my readers wouldn't tag it at all. All I see is two of my friends tagging over and over. It seemed really awkward though. So instead, compile a whole comment regarding my post and just post it then! It'll be the last time, so you won't be seeing another tagboard anymore.

In addition, I have a favorite blogs list on the left. I'll be adding blogs that I love to read. Of course, I won't be adding those who updates within a large time gap. Most of it will be gaming blogs, since I love it very much. Do check out It's done by a Singaporean and I love it. It's simple, yet amazing at the same time. Do check it out, and maybe carry out a treasure hunt by yourself!

That's about it for today.

Thanks for reading. Peace out bitches.


  1. Great to see you updating!!! =) Finally have another blog to read. Keep up the good work John!! =D

  2. Hey thanks. I'll try my best to keep this blog alive.