March 24, 2010

I quit!

Hi there.

I'm gonna quit my job this week, since school's starting in a few weeks time and the shop's getting a new helper soon. Working was fun, tiring and satisfying. Sharing gaming tips and opinions never been this fun. Anyway, I'm watching American Idol right now.. So to whom is concerned, here's my predictions for the NEXT American Idol..

Next Female Idol would be..

Siobhan Magnus!

Pretty despite imperfect teeth, energetic and with strong vocals, this girl have all the makings of a rockstar and an idol! Seriously, Siobhan is giving me a Hayley Williams vibe. So if the next American Idol is a female, it would have to be Siobhan! Btw, her name's pronounced as Sher-von, not Sio-bun. [Sounds like a Hokkien verse..]

Next Male Idol would be..

Andrew Garcia!

He's part of the YouTube family, and he have an account which features all his talent through cover songs, duets and more. He's done of the best Michael Jackson medleys with his duet partner, Kathy Nguyen, in my opinion. But so far, he isn't performing well.. With Big Mike outshining him every performance, though I feel that Big Mike might be the next Reuben Studdart who isn't popular at all. Still, keep working hard Andrew!

*crosses fingers*
Both contestants shall enter the finals!

That's about it! And damn, I still haven't received my ITE uniform. *shrugs*

Thanks for reading. Peace out bitches.

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